Join your fellow alumni! Apply now to mentor a CUW student.

You have wisdom to share. Why not share it with a Concordian?

The benefits of mentorship are widely documented and far-reaching – both for the mentee and the mentor. That’s why Concordia University Wisconsin is pleased to launch a new university-wide mentorship program to support students in their vocations and prepare them for their next steps after graduation. The CUW Alumni Mentor Program aims to establish meaningful, personal, and professional coaching relationships between current CUW students and alumni. The new program will begin this academic year. It will officially kick off with a “launch event” on Sept. 20.

Formed from alumni and student feedback

In 2021, Concordia’s Office of Alumni Relations sought to receive feedback from Concordia’s alumni base through the Alumni Attitude Survey, a third-party survey tool that has been used by dozens of universities nationwide.

According to survey results, CUW alumni are highly pleased with their decision to attend Concordia. 90% of alumni surveyed described their decision to attend CUWAA as “good” or “great,” while 92% described their overall opinion of the university as “good” or “excellent.” Both numbers exceeded national averages.

Within the survey, alumni also shared vital feedback that led to the creation of the new mentor program. Among the “Top Four” priorities survey respondents indicated was a desire to “mentor students and provide job shadowing opportunities” as well as “serve as ambassadors promoting CUWAA to others.”

“We have alumni who are living the mission vocationally, whether it’s through their careers, service, or as parents and friends. These are people who understand the mission of Concordia and live out that mission regularly,” says Director of Alumni Relations Greg Witto. “They have invaluable wisdom to share with current Concordia students who are looking for answers as to how they, too, can live out the mission as a teacher, pharmacist, nurse, or any other profession.”

The vocational aspect is something that sets Concordia’s mentoring program apart, explains Stacy Tolomeo, assistant director of Industry Relations.

“From a student perspective, they ask, ‘How do I live out my faith in the workplace?’ Depending on the workplace, that might be a tricky question to answer, but we know our Concordia alumni will be prepared to answer that in a more nuanced and authentic way than we ever could.”

What you’d be committing to

Program organizers will select alumni who apply for their belief in the CUW mission, expertise in their industry, and commitment to vocation. Mentors will then match one-to-one with a student mentee. The pair is encouraged to meet in person when possible, but no one will be excluded from participation based on geographical location.

The time commitment is a monthly, minimal obligation. Mentors can expect to commit to:

  • Mentor training (in-person and virtual options available)
  • A 60-minute launch event on September 20
  • One-hour (minimum) monthly meetings from September through April arranged according to the mentor/mentee’s schedules
  • A year-end celebration in April (Date TBD)

Want in?

Christ-minded. Ethical. Hard working. Respectful. Curious. Leader. While all our students are different, certain qualities unite our community and make us Concordians. We look forward to welcoming you to the ranks of our alumni.