The new program, launched in September 2023, has successfully paired 17 alumni mentors with students so far.

The CUW Alumni Mentor Program establishes meaningful, personal, and professional coaching relationships between current CUW students and alumni. The program—a partnership between CUW Alumni Relations and the Center for Academic Advising and Career Engagement (CAACE), in cooperation with the six academic schools—is available to all students, from traditional undergrads to accelerated adult graduate learners.

Student mentees are matched with gifted and successful alumni mentors who are carefully selected for their belief in the CUW mission, expertise in their industry, and commitment to vocation. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to meet in person as much as possible, but “remote” relationships may be formed when geography prohibits in-person meetings. The goal is to enhance the students’ educational experience and prepare them for success in the work force.

Rave reviews

Below are just some of the glowing comments the Alumni Mentor Program has received from students so far:

“My mentoring experience has been great thus far! I’ve had a meeting each month and my mentor has helped me make decisions for internships and start to think about my career path and goals. … Overall, I am very happy with my mentorship experience so far!” —Emily Aleckson, Business: Accounting

“I want to say thank you, you have chosen the perfect mentor for me. He has already given me life-changing advice. The advice he gave me was to do work at work and be present with my family at home, therefore trying my best not to mix the two. I have been doing this since October, and I must say it has given me a much better work-life balance. It has also made me a better father because I no longer lesson-0plan or do course work when I have my daughter. I find times during the day to complete those tasks, so when I am with my child I am only focused on being the best father I can be.

“Matt Zavada, my mentor, has bestowed so much knowledge upon me, I couldn’t possibly fit it all into this message. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg—he has taught me much more. We’ve been meeting monthly since October and every month we’ve broken new ground as far as what life is like for him as an assistant principal. I even think he gets something out of this, which is to learn about what new teachers coming in may be learning in school. I’ve taught him about cyber-bullying, which is something he didn’t have to worry about as a teacher, when the internet wasn’t so advanced. The contrast between now and then is great, but we’ve bridged the gap with our mentorship relationship. I can’t thank you enough for putting this together.”  —Lasavvunta “Tay” Moreland, English and Language Arts Secondary Education

“Tay and I have had deep conversations, around everything from his area of study, to a potential future in his career path, but also just life. That’s something that’s been very enjoyable and fruitful for me, as well. I feel like I’m taking away as much from our conversations as hopefully he is, as well. It’s been a very good experience, I’m enjoying it, and I look forward to our monthly meetings.” —Matt Zavada, Assistant Principal, Homestead High School, Mequon, WI

“The mentoring program has been wonderful. Marina has been more than a mentor to me, she has become a friend, as well. Whoever paired us up did a fantastic job! I am so thankful to have someone I can talk to and express joys and concerns.” —Sarah Pierce, Master of Social Work

“Going into the program I really hoped that my participation would help me develop and meet goals as I start my career. Meeting with my mentor has helped me develop and work towards my goals. I have also found hearing my mentor’s perspective incredibly valuable and helpful. I have had conversations with other nurses, with a lot of experience in the field, who have commented that they feel the process of starting as a new grad nurse has changed since they began over a decade ago. My mentor Katie began working as an RN in 2019 and currently is in NP school. I really appreciate this because Katie has experience in the field of nursing, while also being in my position, as a new grad entering the field relatively recently, which I feel is one of the reasons she has been a wonderful mentor.”  —Becca Curley, Nursing

Get involved

From now until April 15, applications are being accepted for both new mentees and mentors. For more information or to apply, click on the link below:

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