One of the highlights of the year for most universities is graduation. Over my 15 years at Concordia, I have witnessed the smiling faces of countless individuals as they cross the stage to become alumni.

It never gets old. I smile in return knowing that these students have received an education grounded in biblical truth, which enables them to live out the Concordia mission of service to Christ in the Church and the world. This mission existed long before I began at Concordia. And, thanks to the faithful stewarding of our boards, administration, and faculty, it will continue long after I leave by God’s grace.

These new alumni have been able to receive such a great education because of the generosity of many. Almost every student receives a generous financial aid package that typically includes endowment support or institutional aid.

You have probably heard that students benefit from endowments, but what does that really mean? Along with that question, people often ask how they can support our students through an endowment.

Endowments are financial gifts to Concordia that provide support, typically in the form of scholarships. These gifts are carefully invested, and a portion of the endowment is disbursed each year to fund scholarships or programs. Because of the faithful stewardship of these funds, the amount distributed each year typically grows along with the balance of the endowment. Some individuals who wish to leave a legacy of support often include an endowment gift in their estate plan.

Individuals, like you, are able to select an endowment to support and thereby direct your gift for the long-term benefit of our students. For example, if you wish to help cover some of the tuition for a pre-seminary student, an endowment gift will not only be an immediate blessing, it will support students for years to come. If that describes you, simply go to or and select “Endowment” from the column on the left. Our students will be blessed by your generosity and faithful stewardship.


President, Concordia University Foundation

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