Two employees received special recognition and dozens of others were celebrated for their years of service during CUW's annual Employee Appreciation Dinner held Friday, April 22, at The Bog.

Dr. James Freese, professor of music and director of parish music, received this year’s Dettmann Award, while Renee Gosselin, RN, nurse manager of student health, was announced as the recipient of the 2022 Harris Draayers S.T.A.R. Award.

Dettman Award

The Dettman Award, established in 2003, is named after Dr. Norbert Dettmann who volunteered his services for 20 years as the physician for Concordia students. His dedication to the students of Concordia is held in deep regard by all those that he served during the 1950s and ’60s.

Recipients of the Dettmann Award are current Concordia faculty or staff who demonstrate the same spirit of selflessness and care for others. Recipients are selected based upon involvement in the community and dedication to living Concordia’s mission in everyday life. Additionally, recipients are generous supporters of Concordia with time, talent, and financial resources.

Freese is a dedicated supporter of Lutheran education and has given time and talent to Concordia since 2000. He is the director of the undergraduate Parish Music program and oversees Parish Music practicums and call placements. He formerly served as director of the graduate Church Music program. Additionally, he serves as the university organist, coordinating hymn selections and special music.

Freese is described by colleagues as:

  • A pillar of hope and support for the CUW Music Department.
  • A remarkable wealth of knowledge with a passion for teaching.
  • Dedicated to Concordia’s mission as demonstrated by his genuine care for each one of his students and colleagues.
  • Well known for his witty sense of humor (He has a joke for each day and particularly, for every occasion).
  • Someone who uplifts his colleagues when they need encouragement and a champion of their successes.

Jim is committed to volunteering outside of Concordia as well.

  • He is the chair of the Milwaukee Lutheran Musician Guild and the District Worship Committee, and serves as publications chair for the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians.
  • He is also a contributor of the Portal of Prayers and Devotion publication.
  • He is cantor at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in Milwaukee for more than 38 years where he coordinates and oversees all musical activities.

Harris Draayers S.T.A.R. Award

The S.T.A.R. Award is an honor bestowed by the staff of Concordia on one of its own. Overall consideration is given to the staff member who exemplifies Concordia as a way of life by making outstanding contributions and bringing honor to the university through Service, Teamwork, Action, and Results. The award recipient is a model of Christian life, excels in his or her area of work, engages in service to others, supports campus activities in various ways, and is involved in church and community affairs.

Gosselin is the nurse manager of the student health center. Over the past two years she has worked tirelessly to provide students, faculty, staff, and surrounding community members with resources during the COVID pandemic. Examples of this include partnering with others to establish COVID testing capability on campus, executing large-scale vaccination clinics, implementing contact-tracing systems, and overseeing quarantine and isolation protocols.

She works well with everyone, including athletics, residence life, and Sodexo, and is a team player. She has remained friendly, positive, and helpful to all despite all of the challenges with the pandemic.

Renee is also appreciated at Immanuel Lutheran Church and School where she has put in many volunteer hours over the years for both the church and the school.

Faculty advancement in rank

The following faculty were recognized for their advanced positions. These advancement take effect July 1, 2022.

To professor

Dr. Lynne Fehrenbacher

Dr. Steven Nelson

Dr. Colleen Fenno

Dr. Adam Paape

Dr. Stephanie Guedet

Dr. Sarah Ray

Dr. Brian Harries

Dr. Joseph Rinka

Dr. Sarah Holtan

Dr. Melissa Theesfeld

Dr. Kathleen Kremer

Dr. Scott Van Ornum

Dr. Kathy Lemley

To associate professor

Dr. Brad Alles

Dr. Angela Belz

Dr. Erik Hollander

Dr. James Lokken

Dr. Cindy Lund

Dr. Michael McKinnis

Dr. Elizabeth Polzin

Dr. Michael Toppe

Dr. Meghan Watry-Christian

To assistant professor

Dr. Stacey Kukor

Work anniversaries

40 years of service

Val Keiper

35 years of service

Gary Locklair

30 years of service

Brad Condie

Randall Ferguson

John Horgan

Angus Menuge

Gaylund Stone

25 years of service

Russell DeLap

Santa Makstenieks

Daniel Paavola

Thomas Phillip

Jeffrey Shawhan

20 years of service

Katherine Malland

Brett Seider

Laureen Strommen

15 years of service

Shawn Cassidy

Jayne Petersen

Adam Walker

Linda Hensel

Jason Soenksen

Sean Young

Mario Valdes

10 years of service

Kassandra Bartelme

John Dyson

Lisa Liljegren

Emmitt Smith

Jordan Beck

Lynne Fehrenbacher

Charlene Nemec-Kessel

Patrick Steele

Marjorie Burke

Renee Gosselin

Sarah Peppard

Nancy Stoehr

Chris Cunningham

Chris Halper

Sarah Ray

Barbara Tyler

Beth DeJongh

James Juergensen

Wanda Routier

Robert Wahl

Leah Dvorak

Tracy Kosinski

Kevin Sheridan

Jon Zickermann

5 years of service

Elizabeth Alfonsi

Shane Leach

Helene Pickett

Eric Seer

Brad Alles

Kathleen Lengyel

Elizabeth Polzin

Kathleen Siedenburg

Daniel Baker

Devan Lenz

Jacklyn Pomeranke

Les Smith

Tonya Bartoletti

Kristin Maas

Lisa Reimer

Katelyn Smith

Tammy Biskobing

Scott Machin

Dean Rennicke

Stacy Stolzman

Mark Bloedow

Curtis Madson

Catherine Robertson

Daniel Underberg

Thomas Dobberteen

William Matt

Karen Satterfield

Rhonda Verdegan

Walter Goodwyn

Dana McCullough

Thomas Scholz

Richard Wenzler

Kristina Jacoby

Kristin Newhouse

Alexandrea Schulthess

Sarah Koenig

Mitchell Newhouse

Christine Scudella

*The 2021-22 retirees will be honored with a separate blog post over the summer.

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