Concordia University Wisconsin and the Remedium eXange (Rx) Think Tank will bring together another impressive roster of healthcare, business, and thought leaders from across the nation to engage Wisconsin executives in a discussion about Free Market Healthcare and Direct Primary Care.

Designed for C-level executives and healthcare innovators, the 2021 Healthcare Economic Summit will be held on July 12 in the Concordia Center for Environmental Stewardship on the university’s main campus, 12800 N. Lake Shore Drive, Mequon. Register here.

The Summit agenda is broken into two sessions.

The morning session is led by and focused on students, including Concordia students involved in a Healthcare Advocacy internship program that serves the growing Direct Primary Care (DPC) provider world.

The afternoon session will focus on Free Market Healthcare and will include in-depth discussions on Direct Primary Care, and a legislative roundtable conversation.

“For years, Wisconsin healthcare costs have ranked amongst the highest in the country, and healthcare, in general, is becoming unaffordable for most of us,” says Dr. Dan Sem, dean of the Batterman School of Business and author of “Purple Solutions: A Bipartisan Roadmap to Better Healthcare in America.”

“As we emerge from Covid disruptions, we can see the emergence of a new approach to delivering healthcare that is more affordable and accessible, relying on Direct Primary Care and grounded in free-market principles,” says Sem. “This year’s summit brings together thought leaders, politicians, authors, and entrepreneurs from across the country, who are leading this exciting disruption to how we deliver healthcare in America!”

Setting the tone for the afternoon session is featured speaker David Goldhill, co-founder, CEO of Sesame.

Through his writing and advocacy, Goldhill is a leading national voice for market-based healthcare reform. Prior to founding Sesame, Goldhill served as President and CEO of the Game Show Network, President of TV at Universal Studios, Founder and CEO of INTH, and CFO of Act III Communications. He is the author of the Atlantic cover story “How American Healthcare Killed My Father” and the follow-up book, “Catastrophic Care: Why Everything We Think We Know about Health Care Is Wrong.” Goldhill is chair of The Leapfrog Group, the nation’s leading advocate for health care transparency.

Other speakers in the afternoon session include Rebecca Kiessling, managing director, Benjamin Rush Institute; James Dunavant, executive director, Free Market Medical Association; Kevin Nicholson, president, No Better Friend; Danish Siddiqui, founder & CEO, Remedy Now; Indrajit Choudhury, founder & CEO, MediCardia; David Balat, director, Right on Healthcare; Kendall Cotton, CEO, Frontier Institute.

For more information about Rx Think Tank and to register for the event visit here.

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