Career Advancement as a result of pursuing an MBA

Right now, more than ever, the value of higher education has been called into question. Is it still necessary? Does it help with career advancement anymore?

This is true for all degrees, but perhaps most noticeably for the MBA. However, the worth of an MBA from a respected, accredited institution goes beyond what can simply be stated here. 

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MBAs create career advancement

MBAs are often regarded as the necessary ladder to career advancement. But, it’s so much more than just a ladder. It can be a springboard to a new career direction. It can be a safety net for career disappointments.

When evaluating the career value that an MBA can provide, many potential students think just of the next job that comes right after obtaining the degree. And it’s true. The MBA has proven effective in helping thousands of professionals change job functions. Some professionals even change job industries in the course of just a year or two. But, it’s also valuable for each and every job in your future.

Here is just one example of how an MBA can benefit you and drive career advancement in your professional life.

Career advancement through building networks

The business world is constantly changing and shifting. Even if change is not happening at any industry level, it happens frequently on the company level as a result of corporate mergers, leadership changes, shifting goals, and more. All of this impacts employees through forced resignations, layoffs, or personal decisions to leave due to unhappiness or unfulfillment. 

When that happens, having a network of people to reach out to for new opportunities is vital—especially a graduate alumni network. But sadly, so many of these individuals, particularly those in their 40s, 50s, and beyond have never obtained that graduate degree and therefore don’t have that network to utilize. This is a significant disadvantage. 

Working professionals have a greater chance of finding a new opportunity through their graduate network simply because they share similarities in career backgrounds and interests. A graduate business education not only provides a more targeted network, but it also expands that network considerably, not to mention the increased knowledge base, sharpened critical thinking skills, and the signal of a powerful credential on your LinkedIn profile. 

Your Next Step

You may be asking yourself “why?” when it comes to considering a graduate business degree. But future employers who will be looking at your resume and asking “Why not?” 

Today, earning your degree is so much easier with work and family-friendly delivery formats such as online learning. You’ll be able to integrate classes and studying into your daily life in a seamless way, without sacrificing your education. It’s never been easier to make a significant impact on your personal life satisfaction and career trajectory by pursuing additional education.

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We originally published this post on September 15, 2015. We updated it to reflect current information.

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