Every single company, regardless of industry, needs an individual who understands how to educate and engage both their consumers and employees. Here's how you can set yourself apart by becoming that individual.

With technology regularly changing how those consumer and employee interactions play out, visionaries like you have an opportunity to set yourself apart by learning how to maintain engagement that is both efficient and meaningful. 

Whether you work in human resources, marketing, or IT, the master’s in educational design and technology can help you do exactly that. 

HR and Staff Development Specialists, Talent Managers, and Corporate Trainers

Increasing numbers of progressive companies such as startups and technology firms have internal staff development programs that rely on someone with an understanding of how to design internal programs to enhance professional learning. Being the person that can bring exciting staff development and educational tools to a growing company is an exciting value-add for anyone looking to be at the forefront of leadership in a major organization today.


Marketing has changed. Long gone are the days of pushing ads out and hoping for a return. Marketers need to engage their customers with content that educates about their services and creates a positive experience for all those involved. A master’s in educational design and technology provides a deep understanding of the theoretical and tactical strategies crucial for engaging audiences in this way to push readers toward meaningful action. Having this degree in your back pocket will help you set yourself apart from other marketers. 

IT Professionals

Even though IT professionals may work in the world of machines and data, their ultimate end-user is an actual human being. Pursuing a degree in educational design and technology provides valuable education about the nature of the relationship between human and machine and does so from a unique vantage point; IT staff members are often educators for their companies. Individuals who know how to engage both customers and coworkers effectively hold deep, long-term value for companies.  

Set Yourself Apart

The need is great across a wide variety of sectors for understanding and accommodating emerging interactions between people and technology. An educational design & technology degree provides a tremendous foundation for this that applies to people in numerous occupations.

If you are curious to learn more—Concordia University has a full Master of Science in Educational Design and Technology that is taught 100% online. It is one of the only master’s degree programs in the world that allows you to earn digital badges, just another way that you can set yourself apart. Best of all, during your time at Concordia, you will design projects that you can apply to your current professional situations so you can learn while simultaneously setting yourself apart right where you are. 

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