What is an informatics nurse?

Nurses are using data to make huge changes in patient care.

What is an informatics nurse?

An informatics nurse studies healthcare informatics, which is a field that blends nursing, computer science, and information science. These nurses use technology to study data and apply it to patient care.

Informatics nurses don’t just work with record systems. Above all, they blend their knowledge of patient care and technology systems to improve practices. First, they figure out why tasks are done a certain way. After that, they find new ways to help patients. Informatics professionals have made great changes to healthcare by being able to use actual data to make more informed decisions.

Leaders in healthcare

Nurse informaticists (NIs) are critical to the field of healthcare informatics. NIs are hard-working nurses whose job is to improve workflows. According to the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, “Nursing informatics professionals are unique, hybrid heroes of healthcare. As advocates for impactful innovation, their work keeps patients safe and at the center. Through their contributions and guidance, workflows are improved for healthcare staff and best practices followed in the effective management of information structures, processes, and technology.”

Patient care is a priority

Although NIs may work in leadership, patient care is the top priority. Along with patient care, they can help with continuous improvement within their organizations. Using the information they gather, NIs try to identify high-risk patients and create solutions for taking precautions.

Ready to make your move?

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— This story is written by Maddie Schueller, content marketing lead for Concordia University Wisconsin and Ann Arbor. She may be reached at madison.schueller@cuw.edu.

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