Go for the gold

Week 43

Spiritual wellness requires the same level of attention as the other pillars of health. Now that we are halfway through the semester, it’s a great time to ensure you are maximizing points for attending Bible Study or leading a Sunday School class.  Vitality awards 30 points weekly for attending Bible Study or leading Sunday School lessons. Snap a picture of your study or curriculum lesson and upload weekly!

Week 44

Do your mental health check-in for 225 points, if you haven’t already. With days getting shorter, it’s a great time to check-in and make sure you are prepared for ensuring a mentally healthy fall and winter season. Navigate to Health Profile/Vitality Review and scroll to Mental Well-Being Reviews. There are three short surveys to assess various components of mental wellness-each worth 75 points.

Week 45

Did you go to the dentist this year? If so, navigate to Health Profile/Vitality Review, select Prevention from the side-bar, and select the hyperlink for dental screening. Upload an EOB, medical record, proof of payment, or a completed Prevention Activity form(available from Vitality) to earn 200 points. (And remember, if you are on Concordia’s Plan, you need one cleaning per year to increase your benefit maximum for next year!)

Week 46

Fall Sports are coming to a close, and winter sports are kicking off! Parents- you are instrumental in developing healthy habits with your children and Vitality wants to reward you for it! You can earn up to 350 points per child for their completion of either a sports league, athletic event, practices or lessons. Navigate to Points/Points Planner and scroll down to Healthy Kids.

Week 47

Didn’t do your Biometric testing yet? There’s still time, and you have free testing options available!! Biometrics testing offers you the ability to amass a LOT of points very quickly-over 4,000 are available. Within Vitality, navigate to Resources/Guide to Vitality/Vitality Points/Vitality Check. There is a quick link that will pop up allowing you to schedule an appointment at a time convenient for you! (Or if you have the tests done with your doctor, be sure to get a printout of the numbers)