We have gotten some questions on using vacation time. Please note, we have two different vacation policies in place and this is causing some understandable confusion. The policies are listed below.

If employee was hired before November 2016:

Vacation time was accrued from July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020 and is put into the vacation bank effective July 1, 2020. Any vacation still in the vacation bank on June 30, 2020 from the prior year will be lost, unless a supervisor approves up to 1 week carried over into the new fiscal year (to be used by August 15).

If employee was hired after November 2016 OR they moved into a benefits eligible position after that date:

Vacation hours are earned immediately, pro-rated with each check and placed in the vacation bank. Employees do not have their time zero’d out on June 30 or any other date. While employees on this policy will never “lose” vacation time, they do forgo earning when they hit their annual maximum allowance until they use some. Therefore, in the same way that an employee on the old policy would have their vacation time zero’d out (but given a new bank for the year), employees on this policy cannot bank more than a year’s worth of vacation at any given time.

Employees on the pre-2016 policy need to use their time by June 30 in preparation for their accrued vacation they have earned for July 1. Carryovers should be approved by supervisor and emailed to Sarah.gartman@cuw.edu. Employees on the post-2016 policy do not need to “use up” their time, but should, as always, be mindful of their annual max limits and take vacation accordingly so as to continue earning vacation time.

Questions can be directed to Sarah Gartman in HR!

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