Editor's note: This story, by Adriana Mendez, originally aired on Aug. 21 on TMJ4. It features Concordia's Project INVEST program, which aims to put more diverse teachers in inner-city schools.

A partnership between Concordia and eight Milwaukee schools is helping people obtain their education through a program called Project Invest.

The goal is to help those with an associates degree or those working as a teacher aid in inner-city schools achieve their teaching certification.

“It’s harnessing the talent that’s always committed within the system. These are educational professionals who live and work in the community, who love the school systems of which they’re a part of and are eager to continue to grow as professionals having classrooms of their own as license teachers,” said Michael Uden, Vice Provost of Student Enrollment and Engagement of Concordia University.

The program states, “Teacher turnover rates in urban schools are statistically higher than in other settings, inner-city students are yearning for highly qualified teachers committed to making a long-term difference in their lives.”

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