Project Invest can help you accomplish your goal of becoming an early childhood teacher.

Become an Early Childhood Teacher through Project Invest

Every student deserves passionate and talented teachers. Our inner city schools experience a high teacher turnover rate. If you want to grow your skills and make a long-term difference in the lives of children, you should consider Project Invest.


What is Project Invest?

The focus is simple: to increase the number of skilled teachers throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Project Invest provides future teachers with a streamlined bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a Wisconsin Teacher Certification.

Early childhood education is so important. Project Invest gives you the opportunity to continue to carry out the critical work you’re passionate about.

Fulfill your dream of becoming a lead teacher.

Prof. Eugene Pitchford III, one of the directors for Project Invest, explains the program this way: “Project Invest has targeted a talent group of individuals excelling in school environments that had the desire to become teachers. Many come with the experience of being a teacher assistant, and had the desire to become a lead teacher.”

Throughout the Project Invest experience, teacher candidates complete culturally relevant and engaging coursework in preparation to become the best teacher. When candidates complete the Project Invest program, they earn an early childhood degree. Most earn a lead teaching position with an expectation of becoming the educator that makes a difference in the lives of students.


Why you should become an early childhood teacher

When asked why teachers should pursue this program, Prof. Pitchford was straightforward. “[Many of our applicants] already have the essential skills to be an effective educator. They are as impactful as the current teacher, which is an indicator they should become a teacher,” he said.

Resilient Educator posted some reasons why you should think about becoming an early childhood teacher. One key reason is that you get to advocate for children. This can be at the local, state, or even national level. Your work has the potential to impact your community for generations to come.

In Milwaukee, there is a need for high Early Childhood Educators.

You could be that skilled, consistent teacher leading your own class of young students. Early childhood teachers play an important role in each child’s development. They’re often the first teacher a child has. Prof. Pitchford commented on the unique experience about teaching a child when he/she is most “moldable.”

Who wouldn’t want that experience?


Program Details

This program is open to instructional aides or other non-licensed individuals who are already working in schools, and who have a desire to earn their bachelor’s and Wisconsin teaching license.

  • Classes meet one evening/week
  • Classes are 6 weeks in length
  • Transfer up to 84 Credits
  • Scholarships are available
  • Take classes at the Miller Parkway Center or the Midtown Center


Are you ready to become an early childhood teacher?

If you’re feeling ready to answer the call to become an early childhood teacher, you can reach out to one of our admissions counselors.


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