Go for the gold

Summer has arrived and with it comes all the fun Michigan and Wisconsin have to offer!!! Some of your goals may be easier to attain as the sun is out longer and the warmer temps encourage people to get out and move. Others may find it more difficult as holidays, grad parties, weddings and vacations distract from routine. Planning your points helps you focus on what goals are important to you in this season (of the year and of your life)! Use Vitality to do what works for YOU as you go for GOLD!

Week 23

Have you wanted to become CPR or First Aid Certified? Did you know that if you get certified, Vitality gives 125 points? And if you are recertified, submit your most recent results for points as well. Certification gives you the peace of mind, knowing you can help in an emergency.

Week 24

Did you know you can receive 200 points (up to 800 annually) for blood donations? The American Red Cross noted there was a deficiency of 37,000 donations scheduled for the month of May compared to projected need. 1 hour is all it takes to help save a life!

Week 25

Financial literacy is just one more piece of the wellness puzzle. Concordia Plans and Vitality offer a host of resources to assist you in your financial goals. If you are setting a budget for the first time or want to make sure you are making the most of your finances, consider watching one (or all five) of the videos provided by Concordia Plans as a starting point. Each video is worth 20 points. Navigate to vitality/points planner/financial wellness and select the financial videos for instructions on watching and how to submit for points.

Week 26

Did you do your biometric testing this year and have any of your numbers not be within a healthy range? Let’s focus on those reasonable alternative standards (RAS). Navigate to Health Profile/Vitality Check and create a game plan for attaining RAS goals. You do not have to have perfect numbers in all categories to get points!