Are you interested in getting ahead in your coursework? Would you like to retake Anatomy and Physiology to improve your grade?   

CUW offers both Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2 during the summer. Taking one or both of these courses in the summer can free up your schedule and potentially allow you to graduate earlier. Alternatively, if you struggled during your first attempt at these courses you can retake a course during the summer. Being able to focus on one course at a time can really help academic performance. These summer courses also offer smaller class sizes that increase the one-on-one interactions students have with the instructors.

Beginning on May 13, Anatomy and Physiology 1 is held in the first half of the summer and Anatomy and Physiology 2 is run in the second half. Arrangements can be made if an individual wishes to take both courses during the summer. Both courses are run in a hybrid format meeting face-to-face and online.   Each course includes a laboratory component which is conducted face-to-face.

Students say…

Students really enjoy the summer versions of these courses:

“I was very happy that I was able to take this course during the summer. It really helped me fit the rest of my class schedule during the year. I learned a lot and am very happy with the grade I earned. It feels good to attend a college that helps you progress in your academic career.”

“The instructor was caring and made it very clear he cares about your success as a student in that class. Even, if you do not understand the material for the 2nd time he explained it, he will take his time to explain it in a 3rd way to ensure you understand the material.”

Want in?

If interested in enrolling please contact your academic advisor, the registrar, or Katie Eippert (  For more information about the courses, you can contact Dr. Kurt Kolander ( for A&P 1 or Dr. Joe Fisher ( for A&P 2.