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Many students look forward to spring break. It is a much-needed break from homework, exams, and classes. With a free week, students like to travel, visit their families, and catch up on lost sleep. Spring break began around the 19th century and was mainly created for college students who needed a break from their academic life, which is still very relatable today!

David Koester, a freshman here at CUW, spent his spring break helping a community in Fort Myers, FL. Koester is an applied theology major with a minor in theological languages.

He was part of Concordia’s yearly mission trip, and this year their mission was to help recover homes that had been affected by Hurricane Ian back in September 2022.  

“Over spring break, I had the opportunity to go on the mission trip to Ft. Myers, FL, to do mission work on recovering homes from Hurricane Ian. It was a group effort, and we got a lot done!”

The mission trip was a success and came at a good time, says Koester.

“I feel like Spring Break is needed as it is corresponding to the time of midterms, and at that time many students are feeling under the gun, stressed out, and overwhelmed with course work to do and much studying. Having that recharge button to hit after all that is definitely needed as it better suits all students to have a successful second half toward finals week.”

As for next year, Koester would gladly go on another mission trip, as he finds these are great opportunities to serve people in need.

“I would probably go on the next mission trip, as every opportunity to serve one another is a great opportunity. Especially for my future plan of study in becoming a pastor, it would be good to develop more experience in service toward thy neighbor. My second option would be to visit family in the event that the mission trip is for some reason cancelled, but doing mission work would definitely be at the top of my list for next Spring Break.” 

Serena Said, a sophomore majoring in graphic design and communication, spent her spring break in Tennessee. She had a relaxing time and is feeling refreshed for the rest of the semester.

“I went to the Gatlinburg area of Tennessee with a group of friends from Concordia. I find that I feel more relaxed coming back to classes and feel like I am more excited to go to class now. Before the break, I was feeling burnt out, and the break allowed me to recharge, have fun, and feel more prepared for the rest of the semester.”

Spring break may be gone, however, the motivation to finish off the semester strong is in full swing. After a much-needed break, students are returning to class feeling refreshed and prepared to take on the rest of the school year.

—Ruanda Diaz is writer for The Beacon, the official student newspaper of Concordia University Wisconsin. She is a Junior pursuing a degree in Mass Communications.