Developing faithful and skilled teachers to serve in private Lutheran schools.

Concordia is a small and private university, but we have big time online teacher programs with flexibility to meet your career goals.  The Accelerated Elementary Education teacher program is one of these and it has an option to add-on your Lutheran Teacher Diploma. You will also earn your bachelor’s of education AND a Wisconsin teacher licensure to become a qualified Lutheran elementary teacher. Online courses, dedicated faculty, and student teaching experiences will have you ready to teach elementary school students.

The Lutheran Teacher Diploma prepares confirmed members of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod to serve as rostered members of the teaching ministry in the schools and congregations of the church. Fulfill your passion to serve in the church and help build the faith of students as a Lutheran teacher.



Meet one of our current students

Mara Fredrick is going back to college to become an elementary education teacher in a private Lutheran school. She is a junior in the online program and will graduate in December 2023. In addition to college, Mara has a job, is a wife, and a mom to two kids.

She will be ready to teach core subject areas to elementary students as well as religion classes. Read about Mara’s experiences in our accelerated teacher program and why she chose Concordia University.

What is your educational background?

I currently have a technical diploma from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. I am a Licensed Practical nurse who has been working in healthcare for the last 12 years.

Why did you choose Concordia University?

I wanted to go back to school to be a teacher with the purpose of teaching at Zion Wayside School. This school is associated with Zion Lutheran Wayside church where I am actively involved in the church community. Concordia’s 3-year accelerated program is perfect for my life and family. Or get insight from a different student in the accelerated program for elementary teachers.

Why do you want to become a Lutheran teacher?

Since Covid hit, I have been spending a lot of time volunteering at my church and the school. I have been the chairperson for the church’s Board of Christian Education which has given me the opportunity to help organize and teach Sunday school. I have spent many hours reading to the preschool class and helping kindergarteners learn how to read. I have enjoyed my time doing this and have always left the school excited to go back again. I have felt a magnet pulling me to become more involved with the school. The Principal, Mr. Gosa, is the one that gave me the extra push and encouraged me to go back to school for teaching, so I could help the school in the future.

What motivated you to also pursue your Lutheran Teacher Diploma?

Being strong in my faith helped me make the decision to go back to school. As an active member of the my church and the school I want to help grow the faith of young children as well. The only reason I wanted to go back to school was so I could teach at our Lutheran school.

Do you have a favorite class or experience so far?

I love clinical experiences. I never would have thought to experience a special education classroom or a culturally different classroom. These two experiences were eye opening to me. I loved observing children with disabilities and learning challenges, it helped me see how patient and understanding teachers are and need to be for these students. Concordia has an accelerated special education degree and licensure program for individuals seeking to educate K-12 students with disabilities.

I enjoyed the culture-based experiences I have had as well through this teacher program. I am from a small town of 3,000 with primarily white English-speaking families. To go into a school that had a majority of Hmong and Hispanic students was amazing. Had I not been in this program I would have never experienced this. It was amazing to see the struggles and the hurdles that the teacher and students go through with English being the students second language. I will forever be thankful for this opportunity.

Why recommend Concordia’s accelerated program?

This program has been wonderful. I love that I am able to work at my own pace, I am getting the information I need, and that I am given all of the resources I need to complete my assignments. The process with Concordia, from applying to the program, being accepted, my advisor working with me, and starting classes, has all been so smooth.

What stands out about the School of Education professors?

All of these professors are here to see me succeed. They do not want to see me fail. Each and every one has gone out of their way to help me when I need it. They respond to emails on the weekends, even late at night. They will do whatever they can to set up a Zoom meeting to help with an assignment. They truly are a blessing to Concordia and this program. There is not enough thanks for all of them.

What are your plans when you graduate from this Lutheran-based teacher program?

I will hopefully be teaching 2nd grade at my church’s school, Zion Wayside. I am doing a majority of my student teaching in the 2nd grade classroom. I graduate in December of 2023, and am hoping to call Zion Wayside my teaching home.

We wish Mara the best of luck as she continues her journey to becoming a teacher!

More teacher programs at Concordia

We have an accelerated and online program for secondary education (4th-12th grades). Chose to specialize in English & Language Arts (ELA), Math, Social Studies, or Special Education.

Register for an informational webinar for our accelerated teacher programs on October 26 @ 4:00 PM CDT. Get insight and details from the faculty. Live chat feature will be available too.



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