Dr. Erik Jorvig, Concordia School of Pharmacy DeanDr. Erik Jorvig, Concordia School of Pharmacy Dean

Concordia University's School of Pharmacy welcomes Dr. Erik Jorvig as the new Dean.

Concordia’s new Dean of the School of Pharmacy is focused

While Dr. Jorvig might be new to Concordia, he is no stranger to working in a higher education. In fact, it was Dr. Jorvig’s experience as a campus dean, combined with his vision for Concordia’s School of Pharmacy that made him stand out.

Dr. Jorvig’s background includes a PhD in medicinal chemistry. Medicinal Chemistry is offered within the School of Pharmacy within the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department. Jorvig is very familiar with overseeing academics and accreditation processes. He began teaching as an assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences at Roseman University in Nevada. Over time, he advanced through the ranks until Jorvig then served as campus dean.

Concordia University Wisconsin School of Pharmacy’s solid foundation

Concordia’s School of Pharmacy has a strong accreditation background, and this includes the recent extension to a full eight-year term. The CUW School of Pharmacy was one of five “Noteworthy Examples” of exceptional achievement across the nation. This was a huge draw for Dr. Jorvig.

“The strong accreditation background, dedicated faculty, and servant leadership aspect of pharmacy education at Concordia really stood out to me. It is nice to work with students who want to give back to community and society as a whole. I was drawn to that aspect of Concordia. A large number of students and faculty at Concordia have the desire to not only have strong professional careers as pharmacists, but to also give back to the community.”

Pharmacy is a great field for up-and-coming professionals

Pharmacists work in more environments than the pharmacy. They serve patients in hospitals, work in community public health, perform exciting research, and more.

“Pharmacy is an interesting field because it’s very broad. It’s broader than most people think. You can go in many directions. One thing I appreciate about working in pharmacy education is the ability to assist students exploring different specialties and help find what’s best for them,” said Dean Jorvig, “You can be patient-focused, very drug-focused, or you could be in a lot of different areas. It’s a nice field for up-and-coming healthcare professionals to find their niche and find their way to be the best healthcare professional they can be.”

Pharmacists are very accessible.

Pharmacists answer patient questions and help direct a patient’s drug plan. “As the most accessible healthcare provider, pharmacists contribute in a very real way to the health and well-being of community members,” said Jorvig, “This is especially important during these times.”

Opportunities in pharmacy are expanding.

Working in the field of pharmacy has great opportunities for serving others–regardless of the setting. All pharmacy roles are grounded in giving back to the community. Pharmacy is bigger than a job description.

“There are a lot of opportunities for schools of pharmacy and healthcare professionals to give back to their community,” Jorvig stated.

Currently, the School of Pharmacy is running a COVID-19 testing lab, and supporting the coordination of Ozaukee County and Washington County COVID-19 vaccinations. Other expanding pharmacy roles include those in public health, coordinating patient medication plans, educating patients, and working in community outreach.

Planning ahead with servant leadership in mind

As Dr. Jorvig begins his role as Dean at Concordia School of Pharmacy, he emphasizes that Concordia is for everyone. “We are going to focus on trying to make sure everyone has the opportunity to go to college and pharmacy school,” said Jorvig, “Sometimes people think ‘I’m not smart enough’, or ‘I’m not in the right place.’ If someone has the support, motivation, and willpower, they can succeed. We want to assist in making sure everyone who has the passion and the skill to become a pharmacist has that option.”

The PharmD program at Concordia University Wisconsin is career-focused program built for students who want to make a difference in the lives of others.

Said Jorvig – “A lot of emphasis on admission does focus on classes and grades, but a lot of other factors also impact whether someone applies to, is admitted, and completes pharmacy school. I like that at Concordia, we focus on the development of the whole student in mind, body, and spirit. We are here to not only make great pharmacists, but to see people succeed in life. I really look forward to working with the faculty and students at Concordia.”

Outside of work

Dr. Jorvig moved to Wisconsin from Utah. He lives with his wife Jessica and they enjoy cross country skiing and exploring the outdoors with their young son Torval.

For more information about the School of Pharmacy, visit www.cuw.edu/pharmacy

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