Are you a registered nurse who has considered completing your bachelor’s degree? Here’s why you should.

If you started out in the nursing profession with an associate’s degree but have been consistently passed over for promotions and raises, it might be time to upgrade your RN to a BSN. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. As facilities scramble to accommodate the rising nursing shortage, you have the unique opportunity to stand out and position yourself as the prime candidate to step into new roles.

Taking the step toward earning your BSN not only improves your career options, but it also strengthens and increases your knowledge of nursing best practices, bringing you up to speed on emerging technologies and improved patient care strategies. You can then take this knowledge back to your facility to improve patient care and qualify for leadership roles.

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The process of upgrading your credentials from RN to BSN is simple. Schools know that you’re busy with demanding schedules to fulfill as a nurse, so many of them offer flexible formats that help you pursue your education without needing to sacrifice your work or life.  

For example, here at Concordia, we offer the BSN completion program 100% online, and the curriculum progression is self-paced, allowing you to work at your own speed. You never have to worry about falling behind or missing a course, because you decide when you have time to take a class. While most students complete the program in just three to four semesters, participants can take up to five years to complete it—leaving room for life to happen.

Other highlights of our program include:

  • Participants only take one class at a time in 6-8 week increments
  • Classes are also available at two of our regional centers, Green Bay and Mequon, for students who prefer a traditional classroom experience over online
  • Opportunities to gain global medical exposure through international education trips
  • Exposure to nursing research and Christian caregiving education
  • Expert guidance from our team of academic advisors to help navigate enrollment and coursework
  • Constant and personalized support through our team of online student success advisors (OSSAs)

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Preparation for the Future

One of the best features of our BSN completion program is the quality and quantity of preparation it provides for hard-working nurses who want to take their education beyond the bachelor’s level. Nurses seeking a future as a nurse practitioner or nurse educator gain valuable preparation for their master’s program. In fact, many graduates go on to obtain an MSN right here at Concordia after completing the BSN program.

As a caregiver in the nursing profession, what you do every day directly impacts the quality of life for each patient you serve. Now it’s time to position yourself to be recognized for your service and your expertise.

An associate’s degree may have jump-started your nursing career, but a BSN will propel you forward. Ready to get started? Explore our BSN completion program.

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