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Sage and Zoey bring CUW students joy and comfort. They may both have careers as comfort dogs, but each has individual personality. With which of the two do you most closely align?

Which result will you get, Sage or Zoey?

Sage and Zoey are Concordia University Wisconsin-owned LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs, which means they received special training to equip them for the jobs they perform on campus and beyond. CUW was among the first in the nation to employ a fulltime comfort dog when the university welcomed Zoey in 2014. Sage followed in 2017. Together this dynamic duo serves as an emotional support for CUW students and within the community.

While certainly a joy to see on campus, the jobs Sage and Zoey perform extend far beyond just serving as friendly faces for students. Concordia’s Comfort Dog Ministry program has received national nods. University Business magazine and Higher One named it among the recipients of its nationwide Models of Excellence program. Zoey is featured in the 2019 publication Extraordinary Dogs and a 2017 National Geographic gift book “Loyal: 38 Inspiring Tales of Bravery, Heroism, and the Devotion of Dogs.”

Each canine has a unique personality and responsibilities. Zoey’s primary role is to assist in Concordia’s Counseling Center while Sage focuses his efforts on the School of Health Professions, serving as a resource for Wisconsin’s only animal assisted therapy certificate program.

Today, take the opportunity to engage playfully with Sage and Zoey through a quiz. Take this 10-question quiz to see with which dog you most closely align. We hope it makes you smile, which is what Sage and Zoey are best at – making people smile.

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