This is the seventh article in the series, “A Quid for Your Thoughts,” written by members of the MBA 568: Study Abroad in London course. The series captures reflections from students’ study abroad experience to the United Kingdom over spring break of 2024.

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Our seventh day in London began bright and early with a visit to the world’s largest and most recognizable investment bank, Goldman Sachs. We had the opportunity to speak with a former college of Professor Scholz’s and learn valuable insights into what it takes to succeed at such a prestigious firm.

Next the group headed to the famous Borough Market. Primarily a food market it includes a vast selection of over 100 vendors. Our guides explained the historical significance of this market and why it is so popular within the community of London. The market is over 1,000 years old and houses some of the city’s most longstanding wholesale and retail traders. We learned that the market was also used in several movies, including the Harry Potter film series. Often explored by celebrities and Royal family members, it is safe to say that all of London adores this marketplace.

During the tour, we were able to sample a variety of dishes such as salmon gravlax, local cheeses, Indian street food, traditional British apple crumble, masala chai tea, fresh sugarcane juice, raw oysters, and so much more. Simon and Sam even drank ‘shots’ of fresh squeezed ginger! We most enjoyed learning from the food stall owners about the history of their businesses and how they made them successful. It was truly a unique and unforgettable experience!

 Following this tour, the group was given free time, in which we split up and pursued different personal interests. Connor attended a gallery of one of his favorite photographers, Jill Furmanovsky. She is a famous music photographer and has a gallery available for viewing at “Proud Galleries” in London. There he saw a special exhibition of his all-time favorite band, Oasis, who are deeply rooted in British music culture. The gallery also included pictures of Queen, The Sex Pistols, U2, and Amy Winehouse among many others. Connor also attended the National Gallery and spent time looking at some of the finest pieces of artwork the world has to offer. Ranging from Degas to Van Gough and from Matisse to Picasso, it was a mesmerizing experience.

Simon and Sam decided to attend the British Museum to view what is often regarded as the largest collection of historically significant items in the world. There they saw the Rosetta Stone, items from the Parthenon, Roman sculptures, Egyptian mummies, Japanese art, and much more. This was a rather enthralling visit, as the displays at this museum hold nearly 2 million years’ worth of irreplaceable artifacts representing the evolution of humanity. A story is truly told within each item at the British museum.

Most of the group ventured off to Abbey Road Studios, where many famous albums have been produced. Specifically, Abbey Road by The Beatles was recorded here. The album cover was taken on a road outside the studio, where the four members walked in unison to create one of the most iconic album covers of all time. Our group of Concordians decided to recreate this famous photograph. Following this, we all came together for one final dinner at a restaurant near the famous studio. This day included a lot of themes of music, art, and culture and was a perfect way to end this once in a lifetime, study abroad experience.

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This course is one of the student offerings of the Concordia University Free Enterprise Center.  Students met on-campus for the first eight weeks of this semester learning about the economy, government, politics, and culture of the United Kingdom.  The course concludes with this trip over spring break to London with a day in Cambridge at Westfield House.  

Concordia offers 500-plus study abroad programs in 48 different countries. Students have the opportunity to see the world and experience new places and people, while earning their degree from CUW. Expand your horizons and perspective, and gain professional benefits from exposure to new cultures.

—This story is written by MBA and undergraduate students Connor Knott, Simon Liljegren, and Samuel Muir at Concordia University Wisconsin. We are currently on a week-long trip to the United Kingdom as part of our MBA 568 business course.