This is the fifth article in the series, “A Quid for Your Thoughts,” written by members of the MBA 568:  Study Abroad in London course. The series captures reflections from students’ study abroad experience to the United Kingdom over spring break of 2024.

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Our fifth day began with an early departure from our Hyde Park-area hotel.  We embarked on a journey north to Cambridge, England. We were ready for a break from the chaos of London’s amazing and vibrant hustle and bustle of Tube stops, double-decker buses, and activity. Our bus ride was a lengthy two hours, allowing us time to chat about all of our adventures and catch up on a little sleep (don’t tell Dr. Niederjohn).

In Cambridge, we first stopped at Westfield House, a British partner of CUWAA, that provided us a great spot to explore from.  Guided by our knowledgeable tour guides, we explored the city of Cambridge beginning at the iconic “round church”. Filled with historical significance and impressive architecture, every corner of Cambridge resonated with stories of academic endeavors and enduring grace. It was incredible to learn about the universities in England and compare British students’ experiences to our own back in America.

Following our guided tour, we set sail on a punting tour along the tranquil River Cam. As we drifted along the river we passed historic colleges and scenic bridges such as the Concussion Bridge, which almost took out our tour guides/rowers Ollie and Patrick! They gave us a glimpse into the history of Cambridge and insight into the landmarks surrounding the area.

After our aquatic expedition, we made a special pit stop before lunch to a Cambridge University bookstore. (thanks Dr. Niederjohn, it wasn’t on the schedule, and almost everyone bought a sweatshirt). 

After a little rest, relaxation, and lunch at Westfield House we all heard about the amazing opportunities for CUWAA students to spend a semester abroad here in Cambridge.  Following the message from the coordinator, it was time to present our semester-long research projects to Drs. Scholz and Niederjohn.  We think all of the groups did a great job on their topics that included:

  • The Economics of Brexit
  • The British East India Company and the Tea Trade
  • The Economics of Tourism in London
  • The Economics of the Monarchy
  • The London Stock Exchange
  • The Costs and Benefits of the British Commonwealth
  • The Economics of the British Premier Football (Soccer!) League

After we got back from Cambridge everyone parted for some rest, dinner, and an evening of free time. Our group decided to check out the McDonalds and try the different menu options from the USA.  Our verdict is: food in London is just better.

Want in?

This course is one of the student offerings of the Concordia University Free Enterprise Center.  Students met on-campus for the first eight weeks of this semester learning about the economy, government, politics, and culture of the United Kingdom.  The course concludes with this trip over spring break to London with a day in Cambridge at Westfield House.  

Concordia offers 500-plus study abroad programs in 48 different countries. Students have the opportunity to see the world and experience new places and people, while earning their degree from CUW. Expand your horizons and perspective, and gain professional benefits from exposure to new cultures.

—This story is written by MBA and undergraduate students Emma Druckmiller, Sydney Farber, and Mikayla Sells of Concordia University Wisconsin. We are currently on a week-long trip to the United Kingdom as part of our MBA 568 business course.