This is the second article in the series, “A Quid for Your Thoughts,” written by members of the MBA 568:  Study Abroad in London course. The series captures reflections from students’ study abroad experience to the United Kingdom over spring break of 2024.

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The group was well rested and eager to embark on another day of adventure. With a packed itinerary ahead, we were ready to dive into a mix of group activities, sightseeing, and personal research for our group projects.

Our day kicked off with the magnificent Changing of the Guard Ceremony at Buckingham Palace. The precision and grandeur of the ceremony, accompanied by inspiring music, set the tone for the day. Following this, the entire class gathered at Ye Olde London Pub for lunch before crossing the Millennium Bridge to get a glimpse into the artistic displays at Tate Modern and the historical ambiance of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Venturing further into central London, we admired at the iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral, a testament to architectural resilience and a witness to significant historical events. From there, we saw monuments commemorating the Great Fire of 1666, and the William Wallace Memorial. Our exploration led us to St. Bartholomew the Great, a medieval marvel built in 1123 that still serves as a vibrant center of worship, where some class members had the privilege of attending a morning service.

Eager to immerse ourselves in British culinary traditions, we indulged in the famed “Sunday Roast” at The Mayflower Pub, the oldest riverside establishment where the Mayflower ship embarked on its historic journey to America in 1620. The savory roast beef, accompanied by potatoes, roasted vegetables, and Yorkshire pudding, was delicious! As the day progressed, we took in the breathtaking panoramic views of the cityscape via the Cloud Cable Cars. The evening ended with relaxing and getting to know some classmates while enjoying the scenery along the River Thames.

Want in?

This course is one of the student offerings of the Concordia University Free Enterprise Center.  Students met on-campus for the first eight weeks of this semester learning about the economy, government, politics, and culture of the United Kingdom.  The course concludes with this trip over spring break to London with a day in Cambridge at Westfield House.  

Concordia offers 500-plus study abroad programs in 48 different countries. Students have the opportunity to see the world and experience new places and people, while earning their degree from CUW. Expand your horizons and perspective, and gain professional benefits from exposure to new cultures.

—This story is written by MBA students Jamie Vartoogian, Jorja Vartoogian and Julie Vartoogian at Concordia University Ann Arbor. We are currently on a week-long trip to the United Kingdom as part of our MBA 568 business course.