In its second year, Concordia’s studentled, peer-reviewed journal, Quaestus, elaborated on the ideas formed and discussed at the 2020 Liberty, Virtue and Economics Summit.

The Quaestus journal, which was formed after the first Liberty, Virtue and Economics Summit, is run by an editorial board that is created after each year’s summit. Every year, the journal publishes transcripts of lectures given at the summit, as well as essays written by students based on the summit’s topics. The 2020 Summit focused on two main topics, bipartisan approaches to healthcare reform and the need for civil discourse in a free and virtuous society.

The second issue of Quaestus was released in Spring of 2021, containing two transcriptions of lectures given by Dr. Robert George and author David Goldhill from the fall summit. Dr. Anthony Binford Glavey, senior editor, wrote two articles, one focusing on the delivery of affordable healthcare and how free markets and competition play a role in this system. The other was a series of interviews, research, and analysis on COVID-19. Other editorial board members contributed articles as well. Ben Dubke, senior editor, and Isaiah Mudge, business and marketing editor, both wrote pieces pertaining to the second topic of the summit, voicing their opinions on the need for civil discourse in our society and the responsibilities that come from that. Senior editor Catherine Bodnar wrote an article that looked at the Austrian approach to healthcare and how free markets are used.

Quaestus also held an essay contest that allowed students to write about either topic and send it in for the chance to be featured in the journal. CUW student Ambrose Shaltanis submitted an article on rights people should have to make for a strong society. Harrison Hulse, another student, wrote on the idea of cancel culture, and how respect for one another can be linked to the free and virtuous society we are trying to obtain.

For more information on Quaestus or to read articles from Issue 2, click here.

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