A college program helping high school seniors achieve their goal of becoming a pharmacist.

Concordia’s School of Pharmacy is taking action to help turn around the nationwide pharmacist shortage that exists. Our dedicated faculty and staff want to motivate younger generations to serve as pharmacists in healthcare. We are doing that through our Early Assurance program. It provides ambitious high schoolers with a clear path to pharmacy school and builds a lifelong passion for learning and helping others.

Early Assurance Process

Acceptance into the Early Assurance program involves a step-by-step process for high school seniors. They gain acceptance to Concordia as undergraduates and then continue as a graduate student in the School of Pharmacy.

1. Apply to Concordia University at Wisconsin or Ann Arbor as a pre-pharmacy student.

2. Apply to the Early Assurance program by February 1 of your senior year of high school.

3. Interview with the School of Pharmacy as a high school senior.

4. Gain acceptance into the Early Assurance program.

5. Say yes to Concordia and secure a spot in the School of Pharmacy.

The Early Assurance program has a dedicated focus on pre-pharmacy coursework that students need to complete to be successful in pharmacy school. Pre-pharmacy students need guidance as they take classes like biochemistry, organic chemistry, and their first pharmacology course. Every student is assigned a faculty mentor. We help you stay on track and maintain the program’s requirements!

Benefits of Early Assurance

This program provides students with a clear track to complete their pre-requirements for pharmacy school and earn their Doctor of Pharmacy. Typically, it takes a student 2-3 years to complete their required pre-pharmacy courses on the campus at Concordia Wisconsin or Ann Arbor, Michigan. Then a student begins the 4-years required to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy.

Early Assurance eliminates the need to interview for pharmacy school as an undergrad since you have already gained acceptance into Concordia’s School of Pharmacy. It’s one less thing to do as an undergrad so you can focus on growing academically and personally.

Pharmacist career information

Contact Concordia’s School of Pharmacy to learn more about the Early Assurance program and for career information. Go to your high school counselor or even reach out to current pharmacists. Utilize online resources like PharmCas to get trusted information on a pharmacist career.

Serving in healthcare as a pharmacist is a rewarding and honorable profession. It will give you the opportunity to interact with a variety of individuals, work in different healthcare settings, and motivate you to continuously learn more to help patients.

Pharmacy school experiences

Learn how our pharmacy students feel about Concordia’s pharmacy school. Discover their experiences in the classrooms, at real-world practice experiences, and with their fellow students.

Contact pharmacy admissions to get all the details!

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