Organizational leadership and administration in action

In this overly saturated marketplace, where information is only a Google search or a few clicks away, you can find many opportunities to further your education.

As the world grows increasingly curious, the varying types, degrees, and even levels of education have become more accessible. Thinking of all the forms of education, the age-old question remains as you try to find the degree that is “best” suited for you. . . How do you choose?

When it comes to business, many people assume the MBA is the gold standard. However, we want to talk about another option. The Master of Science (M.S.) in Organizational Leadership and Administration (OLA) is one powerful degree that more professionals need to consider as they try to advance their career. It is an alternative to the traditional Master of Business Administration (MBA) that is specifically tailored for navigating the current structures and personalities in corporate entities today.

What is Organizational Leadership and Administration?

In an organizational leadership and administration program, you will learn leadership theory and practice, vital ethical and guiding principles, financial analysis, and team-building exercises similar to an MBA. The skillset learned can easily be applied to business or any employment opportunity. However, unlike the MBA, the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Administration focuses on the people and the bigger picture rather than the return on invested capital (ROIC) and budget details. According to Byrne, former Fast Company and BusinessWeek editor, the MBA degree is referred to as a “safe bet” to obtain a good salary immediately after receiving the degree and securing a job. Generally, this is true. However, an MBA is not necessarily right for everyone. Nor is it always what companies are looking for when seeking to fill new leadership roles.

Program Highlights

1. The Speed

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Administration has many advantages when compared to a Master of Business Administration. Our OLA degree is only a year-long program in comparison to a standard two to three-year MBA program, saving future graduates more time and money.

Even though you can obtain an OLA in one year, you are not sacrificing quality for speed. Our OLA degree has 33 credits whereas our MBA has 36. Both options offer a robust education, but the Organizational Leadership and Administration degree is a special offering for those needing a degree in one year.

2. The Flexibility

Life happens on its own timetable, often upending our plans in the process. To ensure you have the flexibility you need, the M.S. in Organizational Leadership and Administration focuses on cohort style classes, customizable certificates, and the ability to select classes tailored to your educational needs.

The cohort style classes are small, approximately five to 15 students. This small cohort size gives each student the chance have all questions answered and concepts clarified. Additionally, cohort style degrees encourage community with your fellow peers and help you focus on building community over competition through collaboration. The ten customizable certificates range in industry from management of information systems to environmental studies, creating the power of personalization which is something sought after by students trying to obtain industry-relevant skills.

3. The People

This degree helps you hone your team-management abilities as well as sharpen your communication and interpersonal skills. People skills and management proficiencies are core to this degree as students discuss methods to improve organizational behavior, culture, and structure.

Having insight on the mechanics of an organization and how it functions is a huge plus for a corporate employee. For example, the Harvard Business Review discusses the change in millennials who are entering the job market with a slower ability to comprehend and appropriately react to non-verbal cues. A manager will have to know how to properly communicate with these individuals alongside other generations in order to effectively run a successful team.

4. The Inspiration

The goal of the M.S. in Organizational Leadership and Administration is to inspire and motivate teams, focusing on harmony and synergy in a corporate environment while building organizational structure, teamwork, and efficiency. The ability to inspire employees is truly beneficial to companies. Furthermore, the ability to problem-solve creatively and understand the big picture is crucial for anyone aspiring to become a leader.

As Fast Company states, “Although cultivating a great culture demands a lot of emotional investment, leadership wisdom, and a genuine care for people, it is a financially low-cost investment with a high economic return. This is why great leaders pay attention to it.“

Creative thinking requires a lot of intangible investment but generates a very tangible profit, which is why the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Administration focuses on teaching the fundamentals of human interaction as well as corporate capital in conjunction with one another.

Your Next Step

Receiving a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Administration is a great decision for those who are looking for an alternative to an MBA. With graduates working for top tier institutions, influential nonprofits, and innovative health care organizations, the success rate among graduates is high. The yearlong investment could cultivate a successful lifelong career, improve your future, and increase your fulfillment as the M.S. in Organizational Leadership and Administration helps you find your meaning in life.

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