Nalee VangNalee Vang, School of Pharmacy Admissions Counselor

Nalee Vang joins the School of Pharmacy as the new admissions counselor. She looks forward to highlighting the variety of pharmacy careers available to prospective students as she meets with prospective students.

The School of Pharmacy welcomed a new Admissions Counselor this October. Nalee Vang joins the CUW SOP with enthusiasm and optimism for the future of pharmacy. Her passion for students and higher education is evident. She looks forward to highlighting the wide variety of pharmacy careers available to prospective students. 

Nalee, please share a bit about yourself:

I am a first generation, Hmong-Asian American woman who is the first to attend and graduate from college in my family. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with my BA in Social Welfare and a minor in Asian American Studies. After graduating, I reminisced on all the impactful moments during my undergraduate degree and how much one can grow during that time period. This reflection steered me into pursuing a career in higher education where I can support students and their growth. I look forward to being able to support, assist, and help students achieve their goals.

In my free time I love to cuddle with my dog, play board games, and volunteer at my community church. A fun fact, I have an addiction to coffee. It’s to the point where coffee is the only thing I look forward to in the mornings.  

What drew you to this role?

Before pursuing a job in higher education, I received support from pre-college programs, counselors, and mentors. These special individuals and programs inspired me to challenge myself and always strive for success. It was through this admiration that steered my path to working in higher education in support of students. Higher education is a very special and crucial life event for young adults. Being able to be a part of a student’s journey through my career is exciting. It’s an honor. As an admissions counselor, I have the privilege to assist students with their journey and be next to them while they make pivotal choices and decisions. I can support their dreams in education. 

Why Concordia University Wisconsin?

CUW is a very unique school that focuses on the success of their students. I admire the passion and persistence in guaranteeing CUW students are successful during and after their education. It is encouraging to see that an institution is invested in their students’ personal and professional goals.

What opportunities do you see for pharmacy?

A pharmacist can work in so many different places. I look forward to raising awareness about the many pathways of pharmacy. When people think of a pharmacist, they might often think of a local corner drugstore and someone telling them what, and how to use their prescription. But pharmacy is far more complex than that. I want to highlight all the unique pharmacy careers out there. I want to share the message about how vast and integral pharmacy is in the healthcare field.

How does the importance of working with others relate to Concordia University School of Pharmacy?

I believe that when people are in a diverse setting, they are learning more about different backgrounds and the uniqueness of every individual. In the School of Pharmacy, the main goal is to learn how to work with others as a team. Working with others is the only way to tackle patient-centered care which can improve the health of communities in rural and urban areas.

What would you want someone considering applying to pharmacy school to know?

Everyone here at CUW is rooting for your professional and personal success. This means that we not only want to challenge you, but also be your support system during your time here. Not only will you gain knowledge, but you’ll also learn about how integral pharmacy is all across healthcare. There are so many different career possibilities in pharmacy. At the end of the day, we want you to feel cared for in your career and have the kind of lifestyle you seek.


To learn more about the School of Pharmacy, get connected with the admissions team here.

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