natural product sciences degree

Concordia’s School of Pharmacy has a new graduate program: Master of Science in Natural Product Sciences. Today everything from herbal supplements to CBD oil is increasing in use. As a result, there are many opportunities in this ever-changing industry. Knowledgeable leaders are needed to discover, improve, and expand the capabilities of plant-based products.

Check out all this new program has to offer.

Natural product sciences program overview

Who can apply?

Prospective students are required to have an undergraduate degree. Individuals with a bachelor’s of science are preferred. However, other degrees will be considered. This program is geared towards professionals in healthcare, science, pharmacy, business, R&D, and farming.

How is it set up?

Concordia understands the importance of life balance. Therefore, we built our program to be 100% online. You will have the ability to study when convenient for your schedule.

A majority of classes are in 8-week sessions with a few in a 12-week format. In addition, the program is taught by a dedicated team of scientists and healthcare experts. They will help you graduate with the tools you need to succeed.

“I am excited to teach students the science behind the source, the development, the effects on the human body and how to take advantage of what God has placed on this earth as a source for remedies.”

Terry-Elinor Reid, BS, PhD, Assistant Professor

So, what will I learn?

The Master’s in Science in Natural Product Sciences will prepare you with the skills you need to advocate for naturally sourced products. You will study pharmacology and the development of products from natural sources. You will learn how to create natural-derived products that are safe and meet consumers’ expectations. During this unique program, you will select from one of two concentrations, medical cannabis or nutraceuticals.

Medical Cannabis 

This concentration will expand your knowledge of medical marijuana and cannabinoids. The most familiar cannabinoids utilized for healthcare purposes are THC and cannabidiol (CBD). Students will learn about the need to research these products to understand the benefits and effects on the human mind and body.

You will study topics on the history and science behind cannabis related products. Classes include:

  • Clinical Efficacy of Cannabis
  • Cannabis in the Interprofessional Setting
  • Cannabis Science
  • History of Medical Cannabis in the World


According to the National Library of Medicine, “A nutraceutical product may be defined as a substance, which has physiological benefits or provides protection against chronic disease. They may be used to improve health, delay the aging process, prevent chronic diseases, increase life expectancy, or support the structure or function of the body.”

As the use of natural substances grows, it is important to fully understand their potential, safety, and effects on individuals. Throughout this emphasis, you will learn about the development and regulations for the two main categories of nutraceuticals; dietary supplements and functional foods. Topics include:

  • Overview of nutraceuticals
  • Process and development
  • Business aspects


We can answer some of that for you; however, the passion has to come from you. If you have the desire to help the well-being and health of the general population with safe, feasible, and natural options this could be the perfect path for you.

“Natural products are all around and are a treasure box that can be opened and explored.”
Tzvia Springer, BS, PhD, Assistant Professor

Ready to jump in?

If you are ready to start a natural product sciences degree or have further questions you can get more program details here.