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2024 Mr. Concordia Winner

The 2024 title of “Mr. Concordia” has been awarded to Isaac Schmidt! Isaac, a sophmore who is majoring in business analytics and performance, is from Waukesha, WI. Congratulations Isaac on becoming the official “Mr. Concordia 2024”!


Mr. Concordia has been a beloved event ever since it started 11 years ago in 2013. This event began as a way to demonstrate school spirit and has grown into one of the most anticipated annual events hosted by the Campus Activities Board.

Finding Candidates

Any guys on campus can participate in the challenge to become “Mr. Concordia”. An email goes out to the CUW community encouraging students, staff, and professors to nominate anyone of their choice. Those nominated receive another email offering them the opportunity to participate. If someone accepts the nomination, they are tasked with producing a talent that they can show off the night of the event. As well as demonstrating a talent, candidates will be asked interview questions to help the audience learn a little bit more about them.


These participants are awarded many prizes throughout the competition. One lucky winner is crowned “Mr. Concordia” and that person receives a crown to wear, bestowed to him by the previous year’s “Mr. Concordia”. The second-place winner receives a tiara to show off their standings and there is also a fan favorite named. They each receive a cash prize, bragging rights (of course), as well as recognition on the CUW CAB’s Instagram page.

The Future of Mr. Concordia

Mr. Concordia is an event that seems to have won the hearts of our CUW Falcons. Luckily, it does not seem to be going anywhere and is set to stay for years to come. If you missed this year or were unsure about attending, the good news is there is always next year! When talking to Leah Flolo about the years to come she said “To those who get nominated in the future… Do it!”

“To those who get nominated in the future… Do it!”

Leah Flolo (’25), Campus Activies Board Executive-Administrator

—Tess Miller is writer for The Beacon, the official student newspaper of Concordia University Wisconsin. She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in mass communications and plans to graduate in 2024.