Editor's note: This story first appeared in the spring 2020 issue of the Concordian, the official magazine of Concordia University Wisconsin.

Concordia students may not know her personally, but they’re still feeling the impact of Amy Gray  Bird.

As a student-athlete at Concordia, Bird (’12) launched the still-thriving Conditioning Our Run Eternally (CORE), a Bible study for “athletically minded” Concordians to connect their faith with their passion for sport. She also spearheaded the first ever STOMP the Courtyard, a beloved carnival-style event hosted by the Campus Ministry Leadership Team (CMLT) each fall.


Bird’s tenacity is evident in every realm of her life. She transferred to Concordia University Wisconsin as a sophomore and managed to complete a double major in four years; finishing her senior year remotely from St. Louis, Missouri. The LCMS headquarters recognized her potential even before she completed her degrees in public relations and business communications, and hired her to its Youth Ministry Office. As soon as she arrived for her first “big girl job,” as Bird calls it, she was off and running as the media director for the 2013 LCMS Youth Gathering. Bird was instrumental in the development and orchestration of the last three Gatherings, overseeing all communication and promotional  efforts.

Bird’s current calling has widened her scope to an international scale. In October 2018, she began working for World Vision, combining her strategic communication skills with her passion for holistic service.

World Vision works with local leaders from every corner of the world to identify key needs in a community and works with the “teach a man to fish” mindset to meet those needs. This past fall Bird helped launch the World Vision’s Chosen® campaign in U.S. churches. Through this program, children are being empowered to choose their own sponsors instead of the other way around.

Just like Bird, World Vision cares about people holistically, a value she first learned at CUW.

“Being heavily shaped by faith and sport, I’ve always appreciated this focus on both the body and the soul. God the Father created both and cares about both.”


Bird’s vocation has allowed her to connect children to families who are committed to supporting them in mind, body, and spirit. Chosen is already celebrating the worth and dignity of the children that World Vision serves.

“Looking back, I can see just how much God was present and active in all of it.” —Amy Gray Bird

With a master’s degree in systematic theology fresh in hand, Bird continues to realize her full potential. After graduating from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri, in May 2019, she has embarked on a new journey as a freelance writer for Concordia Publishing House and YouthESource.

“Certainly all of life provides a domino effect, but I see just how big and powerful the ‘domino’ of transferring to CUW was,” said Bird. “Looking back, I can see just how much God was present and active in all of it.”

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