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Hello everyone! My name is Bella and I’m here to share some honest reviews of restaurants I have been to as well as give some recommendations for your next night out that isn’t too far from campus… but will be worth the drive to eat.

My family and I absolutely LOVE Mexican food and are always looking for new places so when we found out about Mex Avenue, we knew we had to try it out! From what I saw on social media, the margaritas looked adorable so of course I had to have one! This fast-casual restaurant is 30 minutes away from campus in the Mayfair Collection. 

When we entered the restaurant, I was surprised at how “casual” it felt. I have light sensitivity so most Mexican places I have eaten at have always had dim/low lights within the restaurant so it felt like heaven to me… but this felt like I was eating at CVS with how bright the lights were. Straight ahead of us was the neon print menu on four different TV screens showing appetizers, desserts, main entrees and drinks so it was so hard to decide what to get at first since I had never been here before. 

I decided on three ground beef, soft shell tacos with rice and beans and I couldn’t forget my adorable little strawberry frozen margarita! We all sat down at a booth with our order numbers waiting for our food and were surprised that our food took about 10 mins each for our dishes to come out. After my tacos came out, the waiter handed us two different types of salsas, one was red and mild and another was green and spicy… if you know me, I drizzled the green salsa on my tacos! The green salsa was what saved my tacos after the first few bites since they tasted bland from the beginning. I wished I would’ve used my sour cream to add some more flavor to these tacos, but I ended up giving my mom my sour cream because hers was frozen solid in the container. The rice ended up having more flavor than the tacos ironically since the rice was a side dish along with the beans. I ended up using half of the green salsa on my rice and beans since I loved the salsa so much. The margarita was the real star of the show! It came in an adorable little cup with a sombrero on the straw and spices around the rim of the cup (I’m a sucker for licking salt or spices off the rim of my margaritas). I love the combination of sweet and spicy so the way my eyes TWINKLED at the spices on the rim made my little heart burst. The drink had great flavor and the spices weren’t too fiery where my mouth would be on fire if I had another sip (yes… it’s happened before and happens to the best of us).  When we left, a waitress with a huge cupcake tower of different colored Patrons with sparklers came to a table and needless to say… I was jealous that my family and I didn’t order that sooner!