master's degree in information technology

You are a dedicated, career-focused professional that enjoys your job solving problems through information technology and feel a calling to pursue the next level in your career.

As you recognize your desire to push your skills to the next tier, you see the potential for a role in management or leadership along with a deepening of your subject knowledge. When considering a master’s degree in information technology, it is important to weigh the options with the same diligence you give to your work. What’s right for you and what are your ultimate career goals?

Master’s Degree in Information Technology Options

Two tracks worth consideration are the Master’s of Science in Information Technology (MS-IT) and a Master of Business Administration in Management Information Systems (MBA MIS). While each program gives students a broader, deeper knowledge base of information technology, they differ in some key ways.

The MS-IT is a great fit for those that are interested in continuing and expanding their incredibly important behind-the-scenes IT work for companies, large and small, in need of complex systems architecture and information technology. This degree is geared toward those with a personality to solve for complex issues and manage a team of IT staff.  Pursuing an MBA, however, is for those that have ever imagined life as a C-suite executive or upper management for a large company. If you are oriented toward business and the bigger picture of how information systems drive business, the MBA MIS could be perfect for you. With more of a business focus, the MBA can take you across any number of organizational paths. If you are someone who does not see themselves settling into one area for many years, but would like to switch gears, work different types of places, and be in a leadership position, the MBA MIS is an excellent option. This degree could have you doing such things as leading a nonprofit, being the Chief Technology Officer of a major corporation, or working in the world of software.

Choosing the Right Option

A more traditional route, the MS-IT is excellent for those that want to widen the breadth of their knowledge. A much more technical degree than the MBA, its coursework focuses on ethical computing, systems management, artificial intelligence, and includes a special focus on the interaction between humans and computers. Additionally, this degree widens your knowledge-base in information management, application of information systems and technology, and analysis of systems. The MBA MIS, on the other hand, is a business-orientated degree, focusing heavily on bigger-picture business strategy and analysis, while also giving you the skills to get your hands dirty on tactical implementation of projects. This allows students to fully understand the financial and organizational impact information technology can have on business and business ventures. Coursework for the MBA MIS bolsters those looking to take a leadership role within a company, including business application of systems, project management, and systems analysis and design.

Your Next Step

When you are ready to fulfill your calling as an advanced information technologist, Concordia’s 100% online programs in MS-IT and MBA MIS are both there to get you to that next step in your career. We tailor our programs around your schedule and lifestyle. Each class is specifically designed to move you closer to your career goals while still allowing you to maintain a work/life balance. Concordia University Online believes that people skills are a vital component of successful IT management. Therefore, our courses, rooted in Christian values, focus on people as the critical element within any IT system. Both the MS-IT and the MBA MIS give students a broader, deeper knowledge base of information technology because they are taught 100% online by industry-leading professionals.

For more information on the MS-IT, connect with a counselor. Or, if you’re interested in taking the business route with this degree, request more information on the MBA MIS option.

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