Health Savings Accounts (H.S.A.s) and Flex Spend Accounts are excellent ways to pay for your medical, dental, and vision out-of-pocket expenses, but which accounts should you use and how much should you be contributing?

This will vary by individual and by budget, but here are several things to consider:

When does it make sense to use both an H.S.A. and a Limited Flex?

  • If you are trying to lower your taxable income and will have dental and vision expenses in 2021 (H.S.A and Flex account contributions are both pre-tax)
  • If you know you will have some extensive dental or vision work done in 2021 (Crowns, root canals, Lasik, etc.)
  • If you or a child will be getting braces or Invisalign in 2021 (remember, Flex dollars are available Jan. 1!)

Flex Spend forms can still be turned into HR until Dec. 23 and H.S.A. contribution forms can be changed with any payroll. Both are available in the forms repository and in the HR Office (S104A).

If you have any questions about these benefits, contact Sarah Gartman by email, Zoom or phone at and 262-243-4581.

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