Interprofessional Education (IPE) is most associated with the health and social care professions (e.g., social work, pharmacy, MD/DOs, nursing, occupational therapy,  physical therapy, physician assistant, dentistry and public health) learning and working together in a patient-centered environment.

However, increasingly interprofessional collaboration (i.e., the ability to communicate effectively within a team-based work environment) is becoming a global movement in the workplace.

The New York Times recently produced a Sunday Magazine edition that focuses on teamwork among and between employees.  Important questions about the what makes a ‘good team’ and how these new work environments are shaping business culture and human enterprise can be found here.

CUW continues to be on the cutting edge in terms of Interprofessional Education for both undergraduates and graduate students in the health professions.  All students, regardless of major/minor, are welcome to contact Michael Oldani, Coordinator of IPE @ CUW, for more information on opportunities and IPE certification.


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