International student feature of Heewon Oh

International student Heewon Oh shares about stepping into a new environment when coming to Concordia.

International Student Feature: Heewon Oh

Concordia’s international students courageously step into a new country to pursue their personal and academic goals. This international student feature shares one student’s experience as an international student here at Concordia University Wisconsin & Ann Arbor. Keep reading to learn more about current nursing student Heewon Oh.


Tell us about yourself.

I’m in the BSN program at Concordia. I’ve worked at the international center since 2019 as a peer advisor and a leader of international student workers until now. Also, I play French horn, and I was a part of the CUW wind orchestra between 2018 to 2020. Additionally, I’m the president of the Korean Club of CUW. I enjoy meeting new people, interacting with them, and helping others. For fun, I enjoy watching Korean movies and shows. I love Korean food and I enjoy Mediterranean food these days.


Where are you from?

I am from Seoul, South Korea.


What are some of your long-term goals?

One day after I become a nurse, I want to go on a missionary trip for medical volunteering.


What places do you want to experience while you’re in the United States?

I’ve visited Florida and New York on the school band trip with band members. Also, I’ve visited Chicago, Virginia, and Washington D.C. It was such a great time experiencing the different cultures that each city and state have in the same country.


Where is your favorite place to study on campus?

I have a group of friends to study together in the library. We commit to studying at least 3 hours a day. When we get bored studying in the library, we travel to different locations such as the business buildings or pharmacy buildings.


Is this your first time experiencing a Wisconsin winter? How have you handled it?

There are 4 seasons in South Korea. It is very hot during the summer season and very cold during the winter season. The winter in Wisconsin, however, is much longer and has more snow. It was very interesting to see buildings connected on the lower levels due to heavy snow in this area.


How can faculty, staff, and the International Offices best support you while completing your program?

Most of the staff of CUW are open and welcome any questions or requests I have as an international center. ARC is very helpful academic-wise. CIC is the greatest place I have ever visited in the U.S.A. They always welcome international students and CIC is the only place I feel safe and welcomed the most in the U.S.A.


How many languages do you speak?

I speak Korean and English. I just have started to learn French, and I am planning to take a Spanish class next semester.


What advice would you give to students who want to study in a different country?

I want to tell them not to be afraid to ask others for help and tell your feelings. A lot of people have not experienced what you have experienced. If you do not tell them, they are not able to understand your situation. Also, there are always wonderful people who want to help you. If you knock on the door, they will open the door and welcome you.


How can American students help their international classmates feel welcomed?

Most RAs are very nice to international students and are willing to know about different cultures. There is a communication class where an interview (cultural differences) is required for all students, and I have gotten many contacts wanting to interview me. Most of them are actively listening to me explaining my culture.


What has surprised you most about living and studying in the US?

I first was surprised to witness how big this country is. And I was very impressed to see how different cultures could coexist.


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