CUW Graduates

For Adult Accelerated graduates, graduation day has very special meaning.

A new group of graduates from Concordia University Wisconsin have crossed the stage and moved their tassels from one side of their mortarboards to the other, and the celebration of their academic accomplishments have taken place. For the traditional student at CUW, this will be their first true foray into “the real world”, as they leave the comforts of a structured learning environment and head out on their own.

Not all who accepted their diplomas this past month fall into this category, however, as members of the nine Adult Accelerated campuses also joined in the festivities. For them, graduating from Concordia University Wisconsin was the completion of something that they had started but looked to complete, while others were looking to take the next step in their professional careers but had the lack of a degree preventing them from doing so.

“Graduation means three things to me,” said Paula Morgan, a recent graduate of the master’s program from CUW’s Appleton Center. Number one: it represents more knowledge that will enhance my ability to contribute to my work and my community in new and better ways.  Number two; it represents accomplishment of a goal that I’ve had for many years.  Number three: it represents open doors to new opportunities that would not have been available without this degree.”

“To me, graduation means leading by example to my children and showing them the importance of a lifelong dream,” said Rachel Pieper, another master’s graduate from CUW’s Appleton Center. “As their mother, I try and demonstrate a level of commitment that they will carry through in their lives.  Most importantly, graduating is not only about my individual success.  It’s about the sacrifices my family made as well.”

Graduates from Concordia University Wisconsin’s Adult Accelerated programs achieved their educational goals while also working and maintaining a family. Thanks to being able to concentrate on one class at a time, courses being condensed to six or eight weeks (the latter is for CUW’s MBA programs), year-round class structure, and meeting either one night a week on campus to taking classes online, Adult Accelerated students are able to pursue their educational goals without their post-secondary education consuming their lives.

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