Bob Peiffer in Marketing Services at Sargento Foods has created three new courses for the Master of Science in Product Development - Food and Beverage Program.

Bob Peiffer has led the Marketing Services efforts at Sargento for 30 years, overseeing the development of marketing communications including package design, internal and external graphic services in both B2B and B2C marketing support areas. He has recently transitioned to a part-time role as Sports Marketing Lead, managing long-term sponsorships and relationships with local organizations like the Milwaukee Brewers, the Green Bay Packers, the Milwaukee Bucks, and Road America.

Bob also has a long history of supporting the Batterman School of Business, including receiving his MBA in 2008. He also has over 8 years of experience as an adjunct instructor for both face-to-face and online courses, as well as being an occasional class guest lecturer on behalf of Sargento.

He has been part of CUW for many years and is excited to now share these new courses!

Strategic Package Design

Strategic Package Design (MPD 516/816) is an in-depth study of the strategies associated with the development of consumer packaging communication. Students will evaluate the changing retail landscape and its implication to consumer packaging and design: from traditional retail shelf placement to the growing shift to E-commerce sales.

It highlights the fact that the graphic design and/or structural design of a package is guided by key factors such as consumer need, legal and regulatory compliance, and store merchandising parameters. The application of consumer research to test and evaluate package design, both pre- and post-development, will be examined.

The critical role package communication plays in product marketing is explored through a wide range of product categories such as food and beverage, automotive, apparel, technology, cosmetics and more. With an understanding of the competition and consumer demand, marketers increase their ability to “win at shelf or online” and gain a strategic advantage with the right packaging.

It is the most critical tool in conveying product benefits and ultimately stimulating a purchase, and is the only promotional vehicle that can be touched and seen by consumers 24/7!

Bob explains that this course “explores packaging strategies that differentiate a product and provide a competitive advantage in its category.” He also shares that “it is not a graphic design course, yet it would be relevant in providing graphic design students with the background of the marketing goals and objectives that drive package graphic and structural design.”

Strategic Package Design, a 3-credit course, is available to students in both the MBA and MPD programs. No prerequisites are required. This course is available to enroll as an online course today with face-to-face opportunities planned for a future date.

Food and Beverage Product Development

Bob Peiffer has also been instrumental in the formation of core courses for the Master of Science in Product Development – Food and Beverage program. With years of experience in the food industry supporting new product development introductions, Bob understands the rigor that goes into creating, developing, and launching a new product into the market.

The program core consists of MPD 510/810 and 515/815: Food/Beverage Product Development and Launch I and II. These courses introduce the development process for new food and beverage products from concept to marketplace, bringing an integrated, phased approach to product marketing focused on the consumer product development phases:

Discovery > Scoping > Business Case > Development > Commercialize and Launch.

The successive 3-credit courses are presently available for enrollment. This program core provides a solid overview of the processes involved in the development of a new food or beverage product, while emphasizing the importance of aligning many different organizational disciplines in the introduction of a product to market.

For more information regarding the Master of Science in Product Development – Food and Beverage program, please visit:  or

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