Between the all of our worksite locations we received a total of approximately 400 completed results. That’s awesome!  We really appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey especially during these uncommon times.

We wanted to share some of the more common feedback items:


The large majority of you are pleased with the communication the executive leadership team has been providing and were overall satisfied with the move to temporary remote work at the onset of the pandemic.

Communication in regards to your supervisor, dean, department chair, colleagues, actually has stayed about the same while working remotely. However the majority of you miss the daily face-to-face interactions.

Stress levels

Stress levels have increased during remote work which is attributed to few factors, not exclusively, listed below:

  • Childcare/Home schooling worries
  • No designated temporary remote office space
  • More than one person at a time working from home
  • Internet problems or no printing capabilities at home
  • Removing yourself from work duties outside of normal work hours
Daily routines

Your motivation and productivity stayed about the same; however, having a daily routine is almost evenly split between yes and no. And a big surprise was that the level of exercise decreased.

We wanted to share what we are doing to help:

  • We have set up a walking challenge and have included chair exercises, yoga, and mediation in the HR: An Inside Edition Human Resources newsletter.
  • We have provided information about the EAP (Employee Assistance Program) on the HR: An Inside Edition Human Resources newsletter.
  • Continued Temporary Remote Work for most, when able and approved by supervisor.
  • IT sent out an email outlining specific items to assist with additional needs. Information below:

If you require remote access, follow the steps below. We have enough capacity to accommodate everyone, with the exception of GAs and student workers.

  1. Faculty and Staff who need VPN, must fill out the Temporary Remote Work Agreement:
  1. VPN Access Request
    • If you need access to files on the S drive, banner access, special web resources only available on campus (examples – tutortrac, pyramid, etc…) it is likely you need VPN.
    • Have your supervisor approve your access and email and
    • Expectations? VPN will give you access to campus resources similar to when on campus, but it will be generally slower. Limited bandwidth will also be a factor with computing speed and patience will be a desirable virtue.
    • Because VPN opens up our campus resources off campus, we will not install it on a non-university provided computer.

Auxiliary services is open! If you have printing needs Les can help you out. We are open 8AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday!

  • Les can be reached at or 262-243-4354
  • You can also submit jobs with nowdocs. To access nowdocs login into portal, select the resources tab, and go to ‘Submit A Print/Supply Request’

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