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Concordia University Wisconsin and Ann Arbor now offer an accelerated online applied psychology degree.

Earn your applied psychology degree through Concordia

Are you someone who has a curious mind and wants to understand people’s behavior? Would you enjoy making a difference in the lives of those who struggle with stressful situations or mental disorders? If these questions interest you, check out Concordia’s online applied psychology degree. This program will equip you with an understanding and appreciation for the complexity of the human mind and apply it to service those who need it most.

We’re here to help you determine if the accelerated online bachelor’s in applied psychology is right for you. Below, program director Dr. Christopher Stark answered some questions about the program.

What is a bachelor’s in applied psychology?

Christopher Stark, PhD Associate Professor of Psychology

This degree takes psychological concepts and applies them to real life and real people. Courses cover similar content to the traditional psychology degree, but as mentioned, the emphasis is on application to real-life situations and people.


What type of students would benefit from this program?

The program is a good fit for adult learners who need flexibility and who are interested in studying the science of human behavior and mental processes. It is a good route for nontraditional students to pursue a job or possibly graduate school.


What can students do with this degree once they graduate?

There are a variety of areas of service and work possible after you earn this degree. First of all, this degree could help prepare you to work in a business, such as in human resources. Additionally, you might find that this program could prepare you to help others improve their lives, such as continuing education to become a counselor or coach. If you’re interested in promoting mental and physical health, this program could help you learn more about these topics. If you’re passionate about serving your community, this program could help prepare you for non-profit or community agency work. It’s possible that you could also work in schools as well.


What do you like about this program?

First of all, this program is really flexible. When it comes to the content, it’s important to note that it covers all the main areas of psychology. Finally, this program makes application to real life for real careers and callings.


What sets apart Concordia from other universities?

The accelerated online applied psychology degree allows you to complete your degree more efficiently. Also, you’ll learn these concepts from a Christian perspective.


Do you want to know more about the applied psychology degree?

If you are curious about people and want to learn how to study them, check us out.


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