Douglas BorysDouglas Borys

Congratulations, Dr. Doug Borys on your retirement!

Last week, Concordia University Wisconsin School of Pharmacy wished a hearty congratulations to Dr. Douglas Borys on nearly ten years of teaching at Concordia. A well-loved professor, Borys worked in the pharmaceutical and administrative sciences department at Concordia.

“During my career I have worked at community pharmacies, public and private hospitals and finally at Concordia.  This place really is blessed — from great leadership to even better co-workers and students,” said Borys.

Borys research focus was on using the National Poison Data System to study the clinical effects of toxins on vulnerable populations, with a specific interest in new drugs. He has over 30 years of experience in poison centers and academia.

“Concordia was a wonderful place to work.,” said Borys, “We are allowed to do what we are good at, and as a bonus we get paid–plus we get to practice our faith.  How awesome is that?”

Retirement offers Doug the opportunity to move closer to children and grandchildren. We wish him all the best.

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