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Hello everyone! My name is Bella and I’m here to share some honest reviews of restaurants I have been to as well as give some recommendations for your next night out that isn’t too far from campus… but will be worth the drive to eat. 

Price rating: $$

Dorsia is located on the corner of Brady Street and Arlington in Milwaukee in a sleek, darkly-painted house that you can’t miss while driving. This is seriously one of the cutest restaurants I have ever been to! Dorsia serves pizza and pasta in their own unique, contemporary style. It certainly is fancy on the inside but if you want a more casual feel, the bar is first-come, first-served with all food and drink options available. The dining room at Dorsia is reservation-only (on the Yelp app) and does book out fast for seating options.

To start, my boyfriend and I ordered our drinks right away which were an Aperol Spritz for me (Prosecco, Aperol, and soda) and a glass of Moscato for him. Our server recommended it to us and since it looked like something I would drink (I love sweet drinks for context), I immediately ordered it and didn’t regret it after guzzling it down since it was so good!

After going back and forth with myself on what delicious pasta to get, I decided to order one of their signature pasta flight options to have a “sample” of the three pastas I couldn’t decide on. A pasta flight offers you the opportunity to choose which pastas you would like to have and it comes on a medium-sized wooden board. Eventually I decided on the vodka speziata pasta (shells, chili, parmesan, and basil), alfredo pasta (with a $3 surcharge for chicken), and pesto.

Left to right (Vodka Speziata, Chicken Alfredo and Pesto)

When the food came out, I was NOT expecting the extremely large portions for the pasta flight… it looked like the size of my liver! After eating the vodka speziata, I could barely eat the rest of the alfredo and pesto since my first “sample” was so filling. After our server came by our table, my boyfriend and I joked that the pasta flight sizes were deceiving for it being a sample as well as being able to feed a village with our leftovers. Needless to say, the vodka speziata was by far my favorite pasta I have ever ordered at a restaurant! Usually I am always saying that my grandparents’ homemade pasta is my go-to but this comes extremely close.

Overall, the whole atmosphere of the restaurant, service, food, and drinks is hard to beat if you are a big pasta and pizza fan like me! Whether it’s for a nice date with your significant other or having some fun with friends, it’s an easy 22-minute drive from campus if you want to get away just for a bit.




—Bella Sciachitano is writer for The Beacon, the official student newspaper of Concordia University Wisconsin. She is a Junior graduating in 2025 with a major in Mass Communication and a minor in Marketing. She loves fitness and trying different restaurants and probably has a sticker for everything.