Gabby Tolfa at Milwaukee Panther Arena during Milwaukee Admirals internshipGabby Tolfa at Milwaukee Panther Arena

Department of Communication senior student Gabby Tolfa is interested in the sports and entertainment industry because it's face-paced and exciting. She also enjoys the fan interaction.

Gabby’s interest led her to the communications and social media internship with the Milwaukee Admirals, the city’s American Hockey League team. The Admirals are the affiliate team for the NHL’s Nashville Predators.

“I think sports and entertainment fans are very passionate and dedicated people and that makes working with them even more exciting,” she said.

Gabby has many responsibilities with the internship, including live-tweeting during games, posting content to the team’s Snapchat account, and editing video highlights. She also holds weekly office hours to complete other communication-related tasks.

Although she enjoys these media projects, her most memorable experience was interacting with fans during the team’s “Dining with the Admirals” event.

“I really enjoyed this event because it showed the dedication that the fans had for the team and they were able to raise a lot of money for the Admirals Power-Play Foundation. I also was able to interact with a lot of fans,” she said.

Gabby knew very little about hockey when she started the internship, and she was nervous about her responsibilities. However, her knowledge and confidence grew over time.

“I learned to be confident in all of my decisions, and I knew that if they didn’t trust me, they wouldn’t have given me the responsibility,” she said.

I learned to be confident in all of my decisions, and I knew that if they didn't trust me, they wouldn't have given me the responsibility

In addition to the specialized skills Gabby developed during the internship, she is also grateful for the people she met.

“I’ve been able to make so many great connections with people that I hope to stay in touch with professionally and personally in the future,” she said.

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