Concordia’s Office of Research and Sponsored Programs unpacks some of the common misconceptions and concerns about presenting a research poster at a conference. 

Have you ever been taken aback by some popular (or not) opinions or perceptions about certain subjects that are misconstrued? Well, we know how you feel! Explore with us some common misconceptions and concerns about presenting a research poster at a conference, based on feedback received and expressed concerns (which you may also harbor). 

Some misconceptions about research poster presentations 

  • It can be awkward, and people may not stop by anyway.
  • It’s not a REAL presentation.
  • It’s a mystery, where do I even begin?
  • It’s too much effort.
  • I’m not qualified enough to do it (I don’t know enough).
  • Posters are just for students. I’m too experienced to present a poster.
  • I am an international student.
  • I’m just a student.

Which one did you dwell on? Well, we’ve got news! 

On the 15th of October 2023, three international students, graduate assistants from the CUWAA Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP), set out to present three research posters on varying subjects in research administration at the Society of Research Administrators International (SRAI) a global conference for researchers in Seattle, Washington. The presented posters got much traction from hundreds of audiences from different research institutes and professional expertise including industries in education, health, business, agriculture, and service rendering.  

Did you know?

Presenting a poster at a conference is a step towards thought leadership!

Thought leaders are well-informed in subject matters and considered experts. They are considered dependable sources who transform concepts into reality, inspire and influence people with their creative ideas, and demonstrate how others can replicate their success. 

Let’s try to demystify this subject by providing some clarity on presenting a research poster at a conference. 

Facts about presenting a research poster at a conference 

  • Students present research posters
  • Link up with other colleagues in varying organizations
  • Gain insights/ valuable inputs, and feedback
  • They are a great introduction to academic conferences
  • Networking & future collaborations
  • Career development & advancement
  • More credibility (in the subject matter poster is about)
  • Travel, explore, and make new connections
  • Free/future funding can be a huge possibility

(The three research poster presentations aforementioned in this post were made possible by the US Department of Education’s Title III Strengthening Institutions Program funding.) 

Want in?

So, are you interested in presenting your research at a professional conference, but aren’t quite ready to give a talk? Submitting a poster presentation is your best bet. Join ORSP on Thursday, Nov. 9 to learn the basics of how to design and make a poster that conference-goers will remember.

Click here to view full event details. Click below to register and begin your journey to thought leadership!