Deaf and hard of hearing licensure now available

Concordia now offers a deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) licensure program

Concordia now offers deaf and hard of hearing licensure program

If you’re a special education teacher or you’re pursuing your master’s in special education, Concordia now offers the DHH licensure (DPI #1805) program. Concordia‚Äôs program is both comprehensive and Christian-based. After completing this program, you’ll have the ability to create positive and enriching experiences for deaf and hard of hearing students.

How this program will prepare you

According to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, deaf and hard of hearing means “a decreased ability to detect sound in one or both ears with or without amplification, whether permanent or chronically fluctuating, which adversely affects a child’s educational performance.” This add-on licensure program prepares you to work with students who are deaf, hard of hearing, or deafblind. As a part of this program, you’ll learn sign language and assistive technology skills along with other key teaching skills.

Concordia’s deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) program will prepare you through online coursework. But, it also requires a summer residency, practicum, and portfolio for licensure completion. The 8-week courses are collaborative, and the practicum and portfolio are self-paced. The DHH program is a robust program, requiring 43 credits compared with the 37 credits other licenses typically require. The first courses begin in July of 2022.

Program director Dr. Wanda Routier is passionate about special education, and she shared her perspective on the importance of this program.

“I’m very excited to offer the only university teacher licensure program in Wisconsin for deaf and hard of hearing. The deaf and hard of hearing program adds to our visual impairment teacher licensure program. This helps to create a place where teachers may work to add one or both low incidence sensory disability licenses,” Routier stated.

She continued, “Concordia is honored to offer these programs. They align with our mission so more students have a highly-qualified licensed teacher to meet their unique needs. Our fully-accredited online programs are open to individuals with a current teaching license. Our programs have rolling admissions and rolling enrollment.”

Next steps

Are you feeling ready to take the next step in pursuing the deaf and hard of hearing licensure add-on? Find out more about this important licensure program.


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