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Many Christian values are reflected in the events and activities that take place on campus at Concordia University. Specific ministries are created and emphasize these values in a variety of settings including children’s ministry, Bible groups, chapel, and others. While you are thinking ahead to what clubs to join in Fall two ministries to consider are BUILD and LIGHT. These ministries focus primarily on building a Christian community for students attending Concordia. 


BUILD stands for “Brothers United in Life & Devotion”. This is a ministry aimed at male students and helps make faith a focus. Co-leader Ezekiel (Zeke) Potts explains the goal of the ministry as “a safe environment to grow in relationship with each other and God.”

BUILD hosts biweekly Bible studies, alternating with other events for the community. These activities can include board games, basketball, kickball, and more. Zeke emphasized that while there may not be a specific fan favorite event, the BUILD members love anytime they get to enjoy activities outdoors. 


LIGHT, while similar to BUILD, is slightly different in how they are set up and what events they host. LIGHT is the women’s ministry on campus and stands for “Ladies in God’s Hands Together”. LIGHT’s co-coordinator, Allison O’Farrell, stated that LIGHT gives “women on campus an opportunity to get together and grow in their faith.” She goes on to say that they, “are here for fellowship and also to give women on campus a safe space where they can be with other women.” 

LIGHT hosts multiple events throughout “the semester, typically once a month as well as weekly Bible studies. Recently, they began an outreach aspect of the ministry which involves interacting with students or people outside of LIGHT. One way this is done is by writing notes to fellow women to be posted on dorm doors. 

BUILD and LIGHT Together

While BUILD and LIGHT are two different ministries, they have similarities in that their mission is closely related. Both ministries attend a retreat to Whispering Pines, though each ministry goes at separate times. They also do some combined events, with the Valentine’s Day dinner being one of the most popular. At this event, the men from BUILD serve the women from LIGHT a meal followed by a guest speaker.

If anyone is interested in joining either one of these groups, you can look for flyers around campus or reach out to Allison or Ezekiel via email to further discuss the ministry. Both ministries are open to new members anytime throughout the year and look forward to welcoming you!

—Tess Miller is writer for The Beacon, the official student newspaper of Concordia University Wisconsin. She is a junior pursuing her bachelor’s degree in mass communication.