Meet Ian Wallace (’17), who pursued a BS in accounting and an MBA in finance while making the most of CUW’s musical opportunities to enrich his life—and meet his wife!

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Quarter Notes

  • Name: Ian Wallace
  • Hometown: Davenport, IA
  • Now Resides: Hazel Green, WI
  • Undergrad Major: Accounting (Business Scholars)
  • Graduate Degree: Master of Business Administration, Finance
  • Primary Instruments: Trumpet and Voice
  • CUW Ensembles: Kammerchor, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Pep Band, Chapel Choir, University Band

Whole Notes

Career path:

My first job out of college was as a financial analyst for the HON Company. Today I’m assistant corporate controller for Flexsteel Industries.

Who or what inspired me to pursue music:

My parents were the biggest influence in my music journey. They knew the importance of learning music at a young age so they got me involved with piano lessons and supported music participation all through elementary, middle, and high school. After the years of participating in music from childhood, CUW provided ample opportunities to continue this involvement at the collegiate level.

The opportunities to not only participate, but also excel, in these music groups while pursuing an accounting degree is what makes the CUW Music Department one of the most valuable and life-changing experiences at CUW.

ian wallace

Favorite CUW memory:

My favorite CUW memory is more broadly the CUW culture. From the classroom, Chapel, and everywhere in between, Concordia is filled with individuals who care about their Christian vocation and the people and students around them. Attending a university with this Christian culture positively impacted my collegiate experience and has impacted my life immeasurably.

Favorite CUW Music memory:

My favorite music memories would have to be the trips! These include domestic band and choir tours, visiting churches across the country, meeting host families, traveling to CIT [Concordia Invitational Tournament] with the Pep Band, and traveling on international tours with the music groups. These trips provided ample opportunities to make memories with friends and share Christ-centered music with an audience all around the world.  

What CUW Music has meant to me:

My time and experiences with the CUW music groups blessed me with lifelong friends and a college experience unlike any other. I was able to participate in multiple music groups and ensembles while simultaneously pursuing a degree outside the field of music. Participating in Jazz Band, Pep Band, Wind Ensemble, and University Band gave me exposure to a wide variety of music genres. Singing in Kammerchor and Chapel Choir gave me the unforgettable experience of singing in high-level choral groups. The opportunities to not only participate, but also excel, in these music groups while pursuing an accounting degree is what makes the CUW Music Department one of the most valuable and life-changing experiences at CUW. 

Not only did I learn from knowledgeable music staff, professors, and directors, but I had the opportunity to sing and play to the Glory of God in amazing churches around the country and the world. While these experiences were great, singing and playing in the Chapel of Christ Triumphant on CUW’s campus is a joy I will carry with me my whole life. From my first Christmas at Concordia concert to all the other concerts after, the blessing of performing in such a beautiful space is an experience I will not forget.

Finally, I met my wife, RoseMarie, in Kammerchor at CUW. We have a love for Concordia and its music departments because it has positively impacted and brought value to our lives. I also have lifelong friendships that were developed through the music groups at CUW. I have been greatly blessed by CUW and the CUW Music Department and I encourage all students to participate in a music ensemble at Concordia because it is an experience unlike any other.


How you can help!

The CUW Music Department is currently raising funds to build a new, long-overdue music rehearsal space. The new building will devote 6,800 square feet to rehearsal and practice rooms for the 225-plus students at Concordia who are majoring in music programs or involved in one of CUW’s 12 music ensembles. If you’d like to help, click the link below to find out how to contribute.

Want in?

Since 1881, Concordia University’s mission has been teaching and preparing students for careers and vocations that serve The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. Music has always been an integral part of that mission. The music department contributes to the spiritual, cultural, artistic, academic and co-curricular aspects to University life on campus. As the campus has grown in scope and size the music department has become more integral to the University mission.