Professor Heidi Schildt

Meet Professor Heidi Schildt, an Adjunct Professor in the Counselor Education graduate online distance learning program.

My name is Heidi Schildt. I live in Beloit, Wisconsin with my husband of 23 years. We have two adult children currently in college pursuing their undergraduate degrees. Our daughter is a senior, and our son is a sophomore. We have enjoyed watching them grow and mature into their adult selves. We also have a dog named Lulu that we love very much. I am a jewelry designer in my spare time. I love that creative outlet, especially when I am under some stress.

I currently serve as an Adjunct Professor in the Counselor Education graduate online distance learning program. I teach Social/Cultural Foundations and Tests and Measurements. I come to this position with 26 years of counseling experience as a school counselor. I am currently employed as an intermediate school counselor (grades 4-8) with the School District of Beloit in Beloit, Wisconsin. I hold a BS in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and an MSE in Counselor Education from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. I was so excited to begin teaching for Concordia because I loved my own graduate program and professors so much, and I really wanted to help develop the skills of the new professionals to our field. I have been blessed to be given this opportunity to teach and interact with my graduate students. I learn as much from them as I hope they do from me!

Most of my career as a school counselor has been working with middle level students. My students can be fun, compassionate, insightful, and challenging all at the same time. They keep me young! I have seen a huge change in the school counseling profession throughout my career. We have moved from an academic, career, and personal/social focus to a mental health focus. This change has been so encouraging to me because it tells me that people are finally beginning to understand that our mental health affects every aspect of our lives. I have been so fortunate to work in a school district that values counselors, psychologists, and social workers. We have been given many opportunities to attend trainings in order to expand our professional skills.

I recently had the opportunity to work towards my 3000 hours in pursuit of obtaining my Licensed Professional Counselor certification a few years ago. This was a new challenge and a huge learning curve for me. I have always loved learning and challenging myself. I was a little concerned about passing the National Counselor Exam because I have been out of graduate school for so long. I was so excited when I passed! I am currently employed part-time at Stateline Mental Health Services in Beloit, Wisconsin. I work a couple of evenings a week with adult clients. It has been a wonderful challenge to begin working with adults. I really love working with my clients, and I continue to learn so much.

My love of learning has impacted how I interact with my graduate students. One of my mantras has been to “seek discomfort”. As human beings, and especially as Americans, we often seek out comfort. However, it is in those uncomfortable situations that we grow the most, both personally and professionally. I encourage each of my students to continue challenging themselves to learn something new and interact with someone new. It should be a lifelong and career-long goal to keep challenging ourselves in order to keep growing and learning.

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