Whether you're brand new in your career, getting settled, or a few decades in, we want to encourage you to never stop learning. Continuing education is just one way that you can pick up new skills, invest in your career, and set yourself up to stand apart from your peers. Plus, with the help of the Internet, taking advantage of these options is easier than ever.

To help you get started, we’re putting all of our top continuing education offerings in one place so you can wade through the options, pick the one that looks most interesting to you and be on your way to continued learning.

Ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at what’s on the menu over on the Concordia University Continuing Education website with offerings divided up by cost.

FREE Continuing Education Offerings

Functioning Above Entry Level

You can’t lead others until you have learned how to lead yourself. This mini-course helps you discover and harness your personal strengths so you can start functioning above entry-level, positioning yourself to be top of the list when it comes time to pick a new leader in your workplace. Learn more about the course here.

Informatics and Analytics Exploration

Informatics can be used across numerous industries including education, health care, and medicine, and it’s quickly becoming a hot field of study for professionals to become experts in. If you love data and analytics, this free course gives you a chance to explore a few basics of informatics to see if it could the next right step for your career. Click here to learn more.

How to Create Your Personal Place

If you’ve ever wished you were in a different place in either your career or life than you are right now, this is for you. In this free course, you’ll get both strategies that give you the “what” as well as tactics that answer the “how” for finding your personal place. Click here to learn more about the course.

Trauma-Informed Care for Educators

We think that a trauma-informed approach is the best way to care for students in today’s schools. This free course is designed to give educators a peek inside trauma-informed care to learn why it’s necessary. Participants will walk away with trauma-informed strategies that they can put into use into their classrooms as soon as today. Explore the course here.

$10-$65 Continuing Education Offerings

While we try to make as many of our continuing education offerings free as possible, we also have some options, like our academies, that are a little more in-depth resources that range from $10 to $65. For a full list, visit our continuing education website. Otherwise, here’s a peek at some of those offerings:

  • Becoming an Assertive Christian Woman: Assertiveness actually complements your role as a Christian woman. Explore how Jesus is the greatest model for assertive actions and why incorporating assertiveness into your own life is vital. Cost is $9.99.
  • Managing Your Digital Brand on Linkedin: Wayne Breitbarth teaches you how to use the influential power of LinkedIn to your benefit. Cost is $25.
  • Christian Speaking: Want to grow your speaking skills? In this full series course, you’ll learn how to create passionate presentations, provide a dazzling delivery, and use the basics of business to build up your speaking career. Cost is $25, or you can take each lesson, one at a time, for $10 each.
  • Professional Sales Academy: Learning how to sell professionally is a craft, not an art. Learn tried-and-true strategies from seasoned business professionals to amp up your sales game. Cost is $50.
  • Confidence Series: Learn in three parts what confidence is, how important critical thinking is to your confidence, and what motivates us to take action and build confidence. Cost for the full series is $25, or you can take one part at a time for $10 each.

Don’t see anything here that looks interesting? Visit our Continuing Education website for a full list of everything that we offer.

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