There is an increased demand for trained professionals in construction and trades.

What is the Construction & Trades Management Program?

Concordia University’s Construction & Trades Management program seeks to develop leadership-ready workers who can thrive in a growing market. The economic trends and outlook for careers in this field are very favorable. In today’s economy, managers can set themselves apart with the professional skills that come with a bachelor’s degree.


What do construction managers do? describes construction managers as those who do these key things:

  1. Oversee and direct construction projects from beginning to end.
  2. Review the project to schedule deliverables and estimate costs.
  3. Oversee onsite and offsite constructions to align with building and safety regulations.


Why Should I Get a Bachelor’s in Construction & Trade Management?

This program was developed as a way to help students with trade skills move ahead in their careers and grow as leaders. You can start this program as a freshman, or you can transfer in with an associate’s degree. You should note that this program does not provide training in a trade. Instead, this program will help you grow your skills in leadership, management, and learning best business practices within your trade. Additionally, you’ll grow in your project management ability. 


What are the Program Outcomes?


When you finish the program, you can expect to be a great project manager, business owner, and/or a strong leaders of employees. Jobs in construction management are growing at 8% between 2019-2029. There already is a need for professionals to be in management roles on the construction or work sites.

As of 2019, construction managers have a higher median entry-level pay than the median entry-level salary in the U.S

With a bachelor’s degree, you get the training you need to be ready to manage projects. Project managers earn an average salary of $79,446, and a bachelor’s in a program like this that includes job-specific business skills could differentiate you from other candidates.


The Construction & Trade Management Program at Concordia University

What’s the program like?

It’s important for professionals to be ethical in their work. You’ll do case studies focused on the ethical issues common to construction and trade industries. Also, you can expect to learn about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, especially in the context of construction and trade.


…what if school is not your thing?

You’ll take Student Success Strategies, a course that helps you work on both professional and academic success. You’ll work on study and research skills, figure out your learning style, work with different technologies, and improve your critical thinking skills.


Construction & Trades Management Courses:

The courses in this program are designed with these learning outcomes in mind:

  • Professional communication
  • Legal, Ethical and Safety Issues
  • Project Management
  • Field Techniques
  • Group and Organizational Dynamics

Do you want to read about the courses specifically? Click here to learn more.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these courses are being offered online. Under normal circumstances, these courses are offered at Concordia’s Kenosha, Madison, or Appleton centers.

Next Steps

This post lays out some good reasons why you should consider leveling up your career with a bachelor’s degree. But, none of these reasons matter if you don’t know why you want to earn your degree. If you haven’t already, be sure to take some time to figure out if these outcomes match your career goals and the kind of work you want to do.

The works is out there. Are you ready?

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