Over 40 veteran programs will be on hand at CUW's Green Bay campus on September 12th

For nearly three years, Concordia University of Wisconsin’s Green Bay Adult Accelerated Center has gone above and beyond in reaching out to the Veteran community in Brown County.  Kathy Charles, Admissions Counselor at Concordia’s Green Bay Campus, has spearheaded the efforts in bringing Veteran services from Brown County and beyond together so that they can better work together in assisting veterans in need of assistance.

“In March 2016, we invited about 20 Veterans organizations to Concordia Green Bay to meet our new Veterans Services Director, Lt. Ed Garza,” said Kathy Charles.  “Those in attendance expressed an appreciation for the opportunity to network with fellow veteran organizations. We said we would be happy to host a quarterly noontime gathering and provide lunch. I now invite has grown to about 150.”

When asked about what has stood out to her the most when working with our veteran community, Ms. Charles said, “I am impressed by the cohesiveness of the organizations that serve Northeast Wisconsin veterans and military members. Organizations in our area collaborate on services. What one may not offer another one will.”

These meetings have been wildly successful in bringing organizations together and helping them better utilize their services.  This upcoming September, however, the Green Bay Campus will be holding a different style of event focusing on veterans directly receiving information about all of the local organizations available to assist them.

On Wednesday, September 12th, the Green Bay Campus will host a Veterans Service Fair.  Kathy Charles said that they are expecting over 40 different organizations on hand, including health, financial, housing, and veteran-friendly organizations, to explain the many benefits and services available to veterans.

With the possibility of transferring up to 63 military credits into Concordia University of Wisconsin’s Adult Accelerated programs, it is no wonder why CUW is one of the fastest growing universities in Wisconsin for veterans to earn their degree.  This, along with the commitment to veterans’ needs from individuals like Ms. Charles throughout the CUW system, helps our future veteran graduates know that they have the support they need in order to be successful.

CUW’s Green Bay campus is located at 1150 Springhurst Dr #101 in Green Bay.  For additional information, or for a full list of vendors and services available, please contact Concordia University’s Green Bay campus at greenbay@cuw.edu.

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