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The Concordia International Center (CIC) is hosting week-long cultural celebrations throughout the fall semester.

The Concordia International Center (CIC) is hosting week-long cultural celebrations throughout the fall semester. Staff and student workers are committed to hosting safe, meaningful, and enriching acknowledgements of valuable global celebrations, all while following COVID-19 safety measures. All events are planned with safety guidelines in place with individually packaged food, social distancing measures, and hand sanitizer at the ready. Celebrations certainly look different this year because of precautions taken for preventing the spread of COVID-19. And yet, the unity in celebrating unique and cherished cultural differences remains steady.

The celebrations kicked off last week with Saudi Arabia National Day. Students tried cultural dishes, played games, and learned about Saudi Arabia National Day. The CIC’s YouTube channel also featured brief interviews with Saudi students on how they celebrate at home. 

This week, campus celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrated largely in China and other East Asian countries. Traditionally celebrated on Oct. 1, this holiday is also known as “Lantern Festival” and “Mooncake Festival.” It coincides with the Lunar Calendar when the moon is bright and full, signaling a time for harvest. The CIC will have mooncakes for students to try and fun facts. 

Today, October 1, the CIC celebrates Nigerian Independence Day. Nigeria proclaimed independence from Britain on Oct. 1, 1960. Celebrations begin with an address from the Nigerian president on TV and radio, and then the festivities begin: parades, music, concerts, and more! The CIC will have Nigerian traditional clothing and snacks for students and staff to engage with.

For photos and updates from each week, follow the international office on facebook, instagram, twitter, and Snapchat (CUW International)!  

All are welcome to attend.

A full schedule of events can be found here:

  • September 23-29: Saudi Arabia National Day
  • October 1-7: China/Asia: Mid Autumn Festival
  • October 9-14: Korea/Hangul
  • October 16-22: World Food Day (Oct 16-various displays of international food through the 22nd)
  • October 23-29: Austria National Day (Actual Day October 26)
  • October 29-Nov 6: Day of the Dead (Nov 1) All Saints Day (Nov 2)
  • Nov 9-13: Night of Broken Glass Remembrance & Fall of the Berlin Wall (Germany) Actual day Nov 9
  • Nov 16-20: International Education Week
  • Nov 23-27: US Thanksgiving

If there is a cultural event that you don’t see on this schedule, email Kelsey.Marquardt@cuw.edu and we would be happy to talk more!

You can find all photos on Facebook in albums.

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